05 June 2013

And I Thought the 30 for 30 was Hard...

Those of you who have followed this blog for awhile are familiar with the 30 for 30 Challenge I did a while back.  Essentially, you had to chose 30 items (shoes included) and wear only those 30 for 30 days.  Additionally, the 30 day challenge came with a 30 day shopping ban.  To say the least, It was an eye-opener about how much importance we put on our clothes- the quantity, the newness, the "look" that they give us and the way they make us feel.  

In less than two weeks I'll be leaving my life in the good ole' USA behind to become a Peace Corps Volunteer to Panama.  I couldn't be more excited, and I'm blogging about it all on my new blog.  

I've just finished packing for TWO full years, and it made my 30 for 30 challenge look like a piece of cake.  If you're interested in seeing what I'm up to (and what I'll be wearing over the next two years) head over to AbbyExplores.  

Thanks for sticking with me!