27 July 2010

Day 11

Top: Forever 21, $12
Skirt: J.Crew Outlet, $13
Tie Belt: Sash from an AE dress
Necklace: Forever 21, $6
Gladiators: Forever 21, $17

Just another day at work

I was going to pair this striped top with the turquoise skirt... But then I realized I just did that like 2 weeks ago. And then I noticed that every item in that outfit was part of the 30 items... I think it should count as one of my 30 days :)

24 July 2010

Missing Number Nine

Skirt (actually a dress)- Target, gift
Top: Target, $10
Wedges: Target, $20
Belt: NY & Co., $4

Running around at State 4-H Roundup... I may have changed into sandals :)

So I actually wore this a few days ago and totally thought I posted it until I looked back and realized my blog went from outfit 8 to outfit 10. But anyways...

Remember my dress from outfit #1? I decided to really try and think outside of the box functionality wise, and this is what I came up with. Since the bodice of the dress was fitted, it was pretty easy to just put this ruffle sleeved top over it and belt it. So now I'm wondering how hard it would be to turn this dress into a top. hmmm...

The Three Minute Morning

Pants: Old Navy, $5
Top: Forever 21, $15
Necklace: Forever 21, $6
Sandals: Forever 21, $19

Another day of running around at 4-H Roundup

So my room-mate and I had planned to get up around 6 am so that we could be at our awards breakfast by 7:15 (It started at 7:30) However, this morning went a little like this...

6:00- "We don't really NEED to get up now... we can sleep a few more minutes"
7:22- "ABBY! IT'S 7:22! We didn't wake up!!"
7:22- throw on random outfit
7:23- brush hair and grab a ponytail holder just in case
7:24- concealer, mascara, lipgloss
7:25- Literally RUN across campus to breakfast
7:30- Smile and walk into breakfast

No lie, we made it on time... well, I made it on time. My room-mate walked in around 7:33, which is still pretty dang impressive.

So, sorry for slightly messy hair and lack of creativity today, but for getting ready in barely 3 minutes, I'm actually kind of proud :)

20 July 2010

Summer Nights

Dress: Target, $17
Shoes: Target, $24
Necklace: Vintage from my grandma
Clutch (actually just a makeup bag)- Sephora, gift

The State Winner's Banquet and Donor's Reception at Tennessee 4-H Roundup

First off, sorry for the awful picture quality. I think this calls for a new camera sometime soon! But anyways, I had to work at this banquet and donor reception tonight, and the dress was formal. I wanted to stick with a shorter length, but stay work appropriate, since this event was technically part of my job. I'm pretty dang proud of staying in my 30 for 30 (ok, so I may have bought this dress specifically for this event... and the fact its easy to remix... but thats a minor detail) I added the leopard print heels for a somewhat edgy look, plus the fact that they were the only pair in my 30 that actually looked decent. Oh man, I'll be excited to being back to a full wardrobe!

Assembly Time

Top: Forever 21, $22
Skirt: gift
Belt: The Limited, came with pants
Shoes: Target, $24
Necklace: Buckle, $12

Helping out with the opening assembly at State 4-H Roundup

I always loved coming to Round-up when I was a 4-H'er, and I honestly am so excited to be back as part of the staff helping to run this event. The kids have learned so much over the past year and I'm so proud of them all! I do admit though, it's a little weird (and sad) being back and seeing little siblings in the place of the friends that are my age. But I'm so incredibly thankful for all the program has taught me over the years... and I'm also thankful for pencil skirts that make life easy :)

19 July 2010

Hot Days

Skirt: Target, $3
Top: Gifted
Belt: Vintage from my Mom
Shoes: Old Navy, $9
Necklace: Target, $9
Ring: Charlotte Russe, $4

The beginning of State 4-H Roundup, a weeklong teen conference.

Sorry for the terrible backgrounds and not so well put together outfits... it's been quite a long week so far. Surprisingly, I still haven't cheated one bit on the 30 for 30- I've worn my items everyday, even on the weekends! Unfortunately, since I'm on a weeklong trip for work it's a little bit harder to get my daily pictures- I'll update on the past few days soon enough though! Until then, here is today's outfit- just a simple white top and bright skirt. I added a vintage belt and some fun accessories though... just about the only extra things I can handle in this west Tennessee heat!

16 July 2010

Summer Fields

Dress:, $35
Top: Target, $7
Wedges: Target, $15
Earrings: Claire's, $2

I love this little tank top dress, mainly because of the whimsical print (airplanes and roses.) But I decided to add this black ruffle sleeved top underneath in lieu of a jacket or cardigan that I would normally wear with it. I'm sad my shoes didnt show up in any of these pictures though- the black and cork wedges were so cute with the dress!

Day Four

Skirt: Target, $20
Top: Old Navy, $7
Flats: Old Navy, $9
Necklace: The Body Shop, $4

Work and then a fun little ice cream run- If you're ever in Knoxville, TN, you absolutely MUST go to Menchie's. love.

I actually wore pretty much this same outfit a few weeks ago with an amazing pair of graphic print heels... which of course I didn't include in the challenge items. So, flats will have to do for today. Also, I got this cheap necklace like 4 years ago, and hardly ever wore it. But, now I kind of love it. Its a big heart made up of lots of "love"s. Too cute.

14 July 2010

Black and Brown

Trouser Jeans: American Eagle, gift
Top: Old Navy, $6
Cardigan: Old Navy, $9
Belts: Anne Klein, mom's
Shoes: Target, $25
Earrings: Charlotte Russe, $5
Ring: Charlotte Russe, $4

Just another day at work

I knew that the combination of having to be at work by 8 and being the complete opposite of a morning person would be working against my motivation for the 30 for 30 challenge. Just to be sure I didn't cheat, I added in a pair of trouser jeans that can serve as a quick wild card since they go with any of the tops I picked. I'm only on day 3, and I've already worn the jeans. Until now, I had no idea how much I relied on simple dresses and scarves to get through my early mornings. Looks like this challenge might be tiny bit harder than expected.

But anyways... I normally don't wear black and brown together. Not that there aren't plenty of fashion forward ways to do it, but just because I'm generally not a big fan. I decided to forgo that today though, and instead threw on both black and brown belts to tie together the outfit with the leopard print shoes.

My 30 for 30 Items

4 Dresses
Blue Rose Dress: Target, gift
Pink Pencil Dress: Target, $17
Airplanes and Roses Dress:, $35
One Shoulder Dress: Forever 21, $23

11 Tops
1 Cardigan
Brown Tank: Old Navy, $4
Ruffle Tank: Forever 21, $20
Printed Tank: Forever 21, $14
Green Ruffle Tank: Old Navy, $5
White Sheer Blouse: Old Navy, $9
Hot Pink Top: Banana Republic, $25
White T: Forever 21, $7
Black ruffle sleeved top: Target, $6
Embellished T-shirt: J.Crew, gift
Floral Shortsleeved top: Rue 21, $3
Striped Top: Forever 21, $12
Cardigan: Old Navy, $8
6 Skirts

Pencil Skirt: Target, gift
Purple Print skirt. G.A.P, $25
Navy A-line: Target, $26
Magenta Jersey Skirt: J. Crew Outlet, $11
Turquoise Jersey Skirt: Target, $3
Floral Fabric- will be a handmade skirt in the very near future: $3
4 Bottoms
White Shorts: Target, $10
Denim Shorts: GAP outlet, $10
White Jeans: Old Navy, $5
Trouser Jeans: American eagle, gift

4 Pairs of Shoes
Black Wedges: Target, $15
Black Sandals: Forever 21, $18
Leapord Heels: Target, $25
Flats: Old Navy, $6

Finally, here are my 30 items. I'm just a little bit nervous- I think I may have picked too many tops and not enough other things. Another thing I noticed was that most of the other bloggers included a few more pairs of shoes than I did.... but personally, as much as I love shoes I would rather have some extra actual clothing options. As excited as I am about this challenge, I think it may end up being just a little bit harder than I expected. I'm crossing my fingers though :)

13 July 2010

Every Vacation Must Come to an End...

Dress: Target, gift
Wedges: Target, $15
Trench: Old Navy, $9
Necklace: Steve and Barry's, $6

Back to work...

It's been SO incredibly hot and humid here lately, so today's solution was a dress and ponytail. I know I say this about lots of things, but I seriously do love this dress. Since I normally want to wear it way too often, I figured it would be a good fit for the 3o for 30.... That's how I picked most of my items actually (pictures coming tomorrow!), just by choosing the items I would love to wear over and over again.... plus a few randoms to make everything fit together. If you're doing the 30 for 30, how's it coming?

10 July 2010

And So it Begins

Top: Old Navy, $7
Shorts: Old Navy, $4
Sandals: Forever 21, $18
Earrings: Puerto Rican Market, $12

The First Flight Memorial (they had a kite festival today), and then to the beach to enjoy the last day of vacation.

I was (and still am) really excited to get started with the 30 for 30 challenge, and I have lots of fun outfit ideas... unfortunately, most of my 30 items are at home. I didn't want to wait any longer to get started though, so here is my first, although simple, outfit. But hey, it's the beach- simple is good.

07 July 2010

Gosh I Love Vacation

Shorts: Old Navy, $4
Tanks: Old Navy, $3 each
Denim Shirt: gift
Sandals: Old Navy, $5
Ring: Charlotte Russe, $4
Bangles: Rue 21, Forever 21, Old Navy- about $10
Headband: Forever 21, $4
Bag: TJ Maxx, $20
Iced Coffee: Mucky Duck, $4- If you're ever in Duck, NC go to the Duck Bookstore and coffee shop and order this. It's pretty much amazing.

With the exception of trying to disguise myself as a nature photographer while getting blog pictures (I admit, I'm still a little embarrassed when people catch me taking pictures of myself) today's little outing was amazingly peaceful. I got in a last little bit of shopping before starting my 30 for 30, then enjoyed this delicious iced coffee while getting pictures on the nature boardwalk at sunset, and to top it off, there was a lovely jazz band playing in the background somewhere.