29 May 2011

Back to the 50s

Skirt: Vintage thrifted, $2
Belt: Old Navy, $4

After a full week of relaxing on the couch, eating soft foods, and a little bit of work too, I'm back!  I had my wisdom teeth removed last Monday, and somewhat ashamedly, I was such a baby about it.  Needles, blood, sharp things, etc. all get to me SO bad.  Luckily, the oral surgeon is friends with Greg's family and I had a chance to get to know him a little bit over the past year.  He was really nice through everything, and if you're in the Knoxville/Maryville area and need any work done, I would definitely recommend him (Dr. Slater at Southeast Oral Surgery.)  

Anyways, now that that's done (thankfully!) I'm back to dressing normally and blogging and I have some exciting posts coming next week!  I wore this outfit to work last week, and admittedly felt a little bit too 50s.  Instead of changing mid-day I ended up deciding I liked the red, white, and navy.... although it wasn't long before the lipstick was wiped away.  But hey, that's pretty normal for me.

18 May 2011

This may just be my favorite outfit

Skirt: Old Navy, $20
Top: J.Crew, $30
Wedges: Modcloth, $25
Bag: Coach, thrifted
Necklace: Forever 21, $5
Watch: Thrifted, $2
Bangles: Rue 21, $1
Belt: NY & Co., $4

You know the feeling you get when you put on an outfit you absolutely LOVE?  I had that feeling all day long when I wore this.  And honestly, I don't remember the last time so many people have commented on it- everyone wanted to know where my skirt was from!  

I've had this skirt for at least 3 years, and probably worn it less than 3 times.  It's not that I don't love it- rather, it's that sometimes it's hard to wear this skirt in a non-grandma type of way.  Lucky for me, Ashley styled it up for the EBEW floral challenge.  I loved the way she wore it so much, I seriously wore this the very next day.  

I think I need to rediscover more items from the back of my closet.  Surprisingly, it was more satisfying than wearing something new... this time at least.  

17 May 2011

How many dogs can we get in the picture?

You can't really tell- but her eye is half blue and half brown.   

Jeans: TJ Maxx, $20
Top: Target, $12
Boots: Ross, $16
Cardigan: Gap, $10
Watch: gift
Necklace: Forever 21, $6

Today was definitely a case of the Mondays (This post is publishing a day late...)  It was surprisingly cold for mid May and definitely required a sweater and some warm mismatched socks :)  I promise these only showed for the picture though.  

Normally the dogs (we have five) pretty much ignore us when we take pictures, but today they just kept coming back... even posing for the camera at times. We got some pretty hilarious ones too... Especially of the cat who thinks he's dog.  He's my favorite... of the cats that is.

15 May 2011

Red Lips and Big Flowers

Dress: Thirfted and hemmed, $2
Belt: Steve and Barry's, $8
Wedges: TJ Maxx, $20
Earrings: Claire's, $3
Purse: Vintage,  I think it might be my great grandma's?

I promise I have been getting dressed and taking pictures the past few days, but with the warm weather outside and the last few days without work, I just couldn't bring myself to come inside and blog.  So here I am.  And here is what I wore last Thursday.  We had a little bar-b-que birthday dinner for one of my mom's friends, and then I ditched the purse/heels/lipstick for some sandals and headed downtown for Sundown in the City, a free summer concert series in Knoxville.  Even though there's usually good bands, I never really go for the music.  To me, the best part is the ice cream and people watching (They estimate that 10-15k people come on good weather nights!)

Alright, back out to the sun!  

I have blogs already written for the next few days though, yay for being productive :)

12 May 2011

+2 internships -4 wisdom teeth

Skirt: Abercrombie, $20
Top: H&M, $9
Necklace: Puerto Rican Store, $20
Shoes: Old Navy, $7
Belt: Steve and Barry's, $8
Watch: Thrifted, $2
Bag: Coach, sister's

Is anyone else feeling super inspired by the most recent EBEW??  I've been wearing floral ever since the outfits came out the other day- and I don't see an end in sight... I hope that's ok with you guys! The past few days have been pretty relaxing: dinner dates with Greg, and a little while to relax before starting summer internships- which I cannot wait to share!  Both of them (yep, two)  are in marketing/events/PR, one deals with kids and is a non-profit, and the other is in fashion and retail!  Although they're so opposite of each other, I'm honestly very excited about them both.  Keep your eyes open for posts about them next week :)

Also next week- my wisdom teeth are getting taken out.  I'm RIDICULOUSLY afraid of needles and I'm not that good with pain or blood either... so we'll see how that goes.  If any of you have had this done already, I'd really appreciate any thoughts/suggestions!

10 May 2011

A happy floral day

Dress: Thritfted, $3
Clutch: Thrifted, $2
Necklace: Francesca's, $18
Wedges: TJ Maxx, $20
Hat: Forever 21, $8

I've been looking to the EBEW (Everbody Everywear) site for a while now, but I always miss the day for submissions, and today I finally remembered!  With the topic of 'florals'  I set out to put together an outfit.  Based off of one of my recent thrift finds, the challenge ended up being super easy!  And, this is actually what I wore a week or two ago to do my sister's hair and take pictures for my her prom!