18 May 2011

This may just be my favorite outfit

Skirt: Old Navy, $20
Top: J.Crew, $30
Wedges: Modcloth, $25
Bag: Coach, thrifted
Necklace: Forever 21, $5
Watch: Thrifted, $2
Bangles: Rue 21, $1
Belt: NY & Co., $4

You know the feeling you get when you put on an outfit you absolutely LOVE?  I had that feeling all day long when I wore this.  And honestly, I don't remember the last time so many people have commented on it- everyone wanted to know where my skirt was from!  

I've had this skirt for at least 3 years, and probably worn it less than 3 times.  It's not that I don't love it- rather, it's that sometimes it's hard to wear this skirt in a non-grandma type of way.  Lucky for me, Ashley styled it up for the EBEW floral challenge.  I loved the way she wore it so much, I seriously wore this the very next day.  

I think I need to rediscover more items from the back of my closet.  Surprisingly, it was more satisfying than wearing something new... this time at least.  


  1. This is a fabulous outfit! I love the skirt and the wedges!

  2. I'm LOVING this skirt and the sun in the photography! I have a thing for suns being in pictures...


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