29 May 2011

Back to the 50s

Skirt: Vintage thrifted, $2
Belt: Old Navy, $4

After a full week of relaxing on the couch, eating soft foods, and a little bit of work too, I'm back!  I had my wisdom teeth removed last Monday, and somewhat ashamedly, I was such a baby about it.  Needles, blood, sharp things, etc. all get to me SO bad.  Luckily, the oral surgeon is friends with Greg's family and I had a chance to get to know him a little bit over the past year.  He was really nice through everything, and if you're in the Knoxville/Maryville area and need any work done, I would definitely recommend him (Dr. Slater at Southeast Oral Surgery.)  

Anyways, now that that's done (thankfully!) I'm back to dressing normally and blogging and I have some exciting posts coming next week!  I wore this outfit to work last week, and admittedly felt a little bit too 50s.  Instead of changing mid-day I ended up deciding I liked the red, white, and navy.... although it wasn't long before the lipstick was wiped away.  But hey, that's pretty normal for me.


  1. I was actually going to say I love the 50's vibe of this look. I think you look great. I'm glad to hear your bouncing back from oral surgery well.
    No Guilt Fashion

  2. Love 50s looks. You are owning it lady :)


  3. Oh boy, do I love that skirt. Navy blue and polka dots? Sign me up, please. You look adorable!


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