28 October 2010

70º in October??

{Dress:T.J. Maxx, $8}{Cardigan: Forever 21, $12}{Flats: Target, $19}
This is the Gristmill cat, Breaca. She's the sweetest thing ever- and even has a coffee named after her.

I cannot believe how warm it was today- almost into the seventies! For Pittsburgh in October, that's pretty good. Today I got up pretty late and spent most of the afternoon working in the coffee shop. It was unusually slow today, but even without the regular inflow of customers it was a pretty good day. I wanted to keep it simple- so I stuck with this plaid dress and navy cardigan. And these studded nude flats- I CANNOT stop wearing them. I don't know how, but they match with everything.

20 October 2010

Remix! But not really...

{Boyfriend Blazer: Dillard's, $30}{Shorts: Gap Outlet, $10}{Top:J.C. Penney's, 97¢}
{Sandals:Forever 21, $18}{Necklace: Forever 21, $5}
I found these pictures on my computer from early fall. They're not the best, which is probably why I didn't post them, but I still really liked the outfit. When I first pulled them up though, I realized that I had worn this top, short, and pair of shoes in several of my recent posts. I guess it just goes to show the many ways you can remix a couple of basics!

19 October 2010

Location, Location, Location.

{dress:Urban Outfitters, $20}{shoes: Forever 21, $18}{Necklace:Lucky, $30}
Suprisingly, even after taking outfit pictures for almost 9 months, it's still hard for me to remember to get them taken when I'm preoccupied having a good time. For the extended weekend for fall break I'm visiting the Outer Banks with my family and boyfriend (My dad actually invited him- I was the last to know! haha)

Today we went to the lighthouse, and I had an image in my head of exactly what I wanted my outfit pictures to look like: Simple but cute dress, light breeze perfectly blowing my hair, all on top of the lighthouse with a perfect view. Awesome, right?? Well, yeah... in theory. In reality, the wind up there was CRAZY that day. Seriously, we tried to take a few pictures, but they ended up being really unflattering Marilyn-Monroe-keeping-the-dress-down type pictures.

Anyways, as for the actual outfit, I seriously am in love with this dress. I'm not sure if you can tell, but it has a front and two side panels, and the vertical lines do amazing things for making me look better in person. Also, on the bodice there's this adorable vertical pleating in the middle and assorted size bright silver grommets sewed onto the side. Maybe it's just me, but this dress makes me think of a planetarium. Now wouldn't that be some fun pictures...

18 October 2010

I'm in a deep sort of mood...

disclaimer: This is a somewhat long post that (with the exception of pictures) has pretty much nothing to do with fashion ... My attempt at being deep and inspirational actually. If you have an extra second, I'd love for you to stick with me!

{top:Forever 21, $7}{shorts:Gap Outlet, $10}{Cardigan:Gap, $10}
{Necklace:Urban Outfitters, $10}

Have you ever had one of those days that are just completely carefree and happy, and it just makes you SO happy to be alive? Haha, well that was my day today.

Without going into too much detail at the moment, a few months ago I was having somewhat of a hard time. I was depressed about classes not going as well as they normally do for me, I was upset about a long-term break-up, about my parent's pending divorce, about lost friendships, and to top it all off (among other things), my dog contracted a life threatening disease (another disclaimer, I'm one of those super mushy people whose pets are considered one of the family.) So, needless to say, it was a rough couple of months. I constantly saw happy people who seemed to "have it all." The perfect relationship, a close family, a huge circle of friends, and seemingly everything else that I thought I didn't have. I kept comparing my life to what I saw as theirs, and I would get sooo upset thinking about everything I had lost.

I put on a happy face and pretended that, as a strong person, none of these things bothered me. That I could handle anything thrown my way, with poise and confidence. I went to work, I smiled for blog pictures, I went through all the motions- but inside I couldn't help but feeling a constant sense of sadness.

Then one day as I was pitying myself, again, it just hit me- it didn't have to be that way. Sure, I had gone through ALOT, and I had the right to be sad for a small time... But when I looked at how much I was/am blessed to have, it suddenly seemed so much more manageable. I have a family that, despite now divided, loved me, great scholarships to a school I LOVE studying at, an internship with people I absolutely adored, a small, but close-knit group of friends who could make me smile with ridiculous antics at any time of day or night, etc. So, I made the decision to accept things that had happened to me, and to move. on.

Moving on is part of life. And to add a cheesy saying,

Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall into place.

Since opening myself up to happiness, I have been so blessed. Sure, some of those sad things from months back still linger... But when I start to let them get to me, I just have to stop and remind myself at all of the better things that HAVE fallen into place.

17 October 2010

Where the WIld Things Are

{Skirt (Actually a dress): Target, $20}{Top: JC Penney's, 97¢}{Shoes: Target, $15}
{Jacket: Forever 21, $30}{Belt: NY & Company, $4}{Necklace: Vintage, My mom's}

I love wearing pretty dresses and skirts... but sometimes it's fun to go a little out of my comfort zone... so today I tried out the whole "wild" thing... haha. Honestly, in comparison to others, this look isn't really that wild at all. But for me, leopard shoes, leather jacket, and hot pink dress turned skirt is a little out there! It was a nice change for the day though. Here's to stepping outside the comfort zone more often!

14 October 2010

Changing Seasons

{dress:Urban Outfitters, $20.}{Cardigan: Old Navy, $8}{Belt: Vintage, My mom}
{Wedges: Chinese Laundry via TJ Maxx, $10}{Ring: Charlotte Russe, $4}

I absolutely love fall. Everything about it is perfect- the leaves changing colors, the beautiful weather, the amazing food and drinks (hot apple cider? oh yes.), halloween!, and the seemingly good mood everyone is in as they're enjoying the last few weeks of nice weather. But days like today just top it off. It cool this morning, probably around mid-fifties, but as the day went on it went all the way up to mid sixties. Seriously... perfect. Although I admit, I'm really excited to start wearing tights and cozy sweaters again :)

11 October 2010

30 for 30- Complete!

Jeans: American Eagle, gift
Top: The Limited, $25
Jacket: Target, gift
Shoes: Target, $15
Elephant Necklace: Forever 21, $4

Working in the Gristmill Coffeehouse, then to classes.

So the other day I was putting together a post about my 30 for 30 outfits when I noticed I never once wore my cream ruffle top. After a moment of confusion, I realized it was because that top mysteriously disappeared sometime ago... Hm. SO, the other day I was at The Limited with a coupon for a top of my choice, and it wasn't hard to pick this one. I loved the girly ruffles and polka dots with my brown military jacket (no, this was not included in the 30... minor details though...) and leopard print shoes.

But hey, my 30 for 30 challenge is complete! YAY! Later this week I'll be having a post rounding up all my outfits plus some of the things I learned from this. AND I also have some fun pictures to share from my trip back home. They're nothing too exciting, just a fall festival, cute dress, and abnormally warm weather.

Have a good week everyone!

06 October 2010

Rainy Day- Go Away

Trench: Kristin Davis for Belk, Gift
Dress: Old Navy, $3
Necklace: Forever 21, $6
Tights:, $10
Flats: Ross, $12

Today was one of those cold, drizzly, rainy, and just plain dull days. So for classes today I decided I wanted something a little more bright and fun...

My poor little rainboots must feel like I've abandoned them, haha. Seriously though, for the first while that I had them, the very prediction of rain was enough to send me scrambling to coordinate my outfit around those perfect boots. Although I still love them, I've decided I need to be a little better at mixing things up. So, today I decided to go with my zebra trench, bright purple dress, and pop of sparkle necklace. All-in-all I liked it pretty well

01 October 2010

Oxfords and Hot Carmel Apple Cider

Dress: Ross, $7
Cardigan: Old Navy, $12
Belt: Vintage, My Mom's
Bracelets: Vintage, Rue 21, and My Mom's
Earrings: Claire's, $4
Oxfords: Urban Outfitters, $50

Classes, the Gristmill Coffeehouse, and to run errands around town

Today was one of those days- not the bad kind, the really really super good kind (with an exception or two, but hey, let's focus on the positive.) It started out with waking up to a super sweet text, then later in the day finding out I scored twenty points above the class average on my macroeconomics test, having a pretty easy day at work, having my very first hot carmel apple cider (amazing), and then towards the end of the day, when finally taking blog pictures, realizing how much I really liked my outfit. Funny, I feel like lately I haven't really been myself fashion wise. But today, everything just seemed to fall into place. Ok... so it wasn't an earth shattering good day, but I'll be thankful for what I get :)