27 March 2010

Weekend Wear

Jeans: TJ Maxx
Top: Old Navy
Shoes: Target
Necklace: Forever 21
Bangles: Old Navy & Rue 21
Cardigan: Old Navy
Sunglasses: Puerto Rican Market

Grocery shopping, grabbing lunch, and hanging out with some friends

For me, weekend outfits have to be cute, but definitely comfy. I LOVE this top. The color and cut of it is so soft and feminine, plus its perfect for a day of lounging. I added my go-to skinnies, leopard flats, and some jewelry to pull everything together. How cute is this necklace?? I've never really been an owl lover- but for some reason I'm in love with owl jewelry, especially this vintage looking one from forever 21 ($4!!) And this scenery- everyday I go exploring for new places to take pictures on campus, and everyday I find somewhere new and beautiful :)

26 March 2010

Pretty Pictures and Pretty Tights

Skirt: Old Navy
Top: Wet Seal
Scarf: American Eagle
Tights: Target
Flats: Ross
Headband: Claire's
Earrings: Claires
Sunglasses: Puerto Rican Market
Bag: Forever 21
Ring: Forever 21

Classes, work, and to explore the wetlands on campus

I love bright tights; i feel like they're a perfect transition piece to wear during the cooler Spring months. The rest of the outfit is pretty simple to keep from going overboard with the statement tights- but I like it alot :) On another note, I haven't been able to get to Target to check out the Liberty of London collection yet, but I'm dying to! Only five more days until easter break and shopping time!!

25 March 2010

Business Professional... and Fun!

Skirt: Belk's
Belt: Came with skirt
Top: Target
Cardigan: Walmart
Shoes: Ross
Earrings Claire's

A Women in Business dinner lecture with Kerry Ford of Stern Advertising

As the Events Director for the Women in Business Club here on campus, I am expected to attend our sponsored lectures and events in business attire. Since these events are almost always a great way to network with professionals in the field, I usually try to dress professionally and creatively. I definitely do dress according to the event though- for example: I would generally stay more conservative at an accounting lecture than at a networking event with marketing professionals. Tonight's speaker is a distinguished career woman in the field of advertising and public relations. Since this is generally a more creative field, I definitely wanted to show of this new ruffle top I picked up off the clearance rack at Target. With a plain pencil skirt and cardigan, I felt right at home :)

TheClosetFiles- featured on!

Eek! As you can probably tell, I love tights by They fit well throughout the day, resist ripping and tearing, and of course, are available in tons of colors. So why am I writing about this? I just found out that WeLoveColors featured me on their trends blog! You can see it here. The post itself really isn't a big deal, it's pretty much the same post from Trendy Tuesday last week. But the fact that someone saw my blog and thought it was good enough to feature on the trends website was pretty cool, to say the least ;) I'm still new to the whole blogging thing, but I'm definitely excited to continue learning and building my site!

23 March 2010

A Rainy Day... Finally!

Dress: TJ Maxx
Tank: Old Navy
Tights: WeLoveColors
Trench: Old Navy
Scarf: Old Navy
Boots: Kate Spade
Belt: New York and Company
Umbrella: Aerie
Earrings: Claire's

Classes, board meeting, and jumping through the puddles : )

Rain has been forecasted almost everyday for the past week, so everyday I specifically picked out an outfit that coordinated with the boots; but everyday the rain didn't come, and the boots had to stay in my (large) bookbag. Today I finally gave up and picked out khaki pants and flats- NOT a rainy day outfit. What happened? It rained. So I threw on this dress/tights combo. It's not the most creative outfit, but I love this boots so much that anything I put on with them feels good. Next rainy day I want to mix up the colors a bit. I saw these boots on the katespade website with a black and white striped skirt, kelly green raincoat, and bright knee-socks... so cute! What do you wear to stay cute in the rain?

Side Note: Rainy days are just about the only time that I am so incredibly thankful for my frizz-free, stick straight hair.

21 March 2010

Walking on Sunshine

I actually do have an excuse for my lack of blogging this past week- after coming back to school in Pittsburgh I realized I left my camera cord back home in Tennessee. Of course, the ONE thing my mac doesn't have is an XD picture card slot. Oh well. Here's some outfit pictures from a lovely Saturday at the lake with my lovely (albeit crazy) friends

Jeans: Old Navy
Top: Old Navy
Scarf: Old Navy
Flats: Goodwill (only 50 cents!!)

To a local state park to spend a beautiful Saturday with my friends :)

If you couldn’t tell, I shop at Old Navy alot. The brand was actually never one of my favorites, but I started working there 2 years ago. I’ve become addicted to the ease of mixing basics like tops, skirts, jeans, and simple dresses with fun accessories. It’s a pretty good recipe for a busy college student if you ask me!

18 March 2010

Thursday Beauty Day- Coral Lips

Jeans: Old Navy
Top: JCPenney
Jacket: Steve and Barry's
Necklace: American Eagle
Flats: Target

Classes and Work

For many of us girls on the go we tend to develop a morning make-up routine; and while it's good to figure out what works best for our skin tones and personalities, we also should be willing to mix it up every once and awhile. This week I decided to experiment with coral lips. Although this isn't a super in-your-face trend, it's something I felt comfortable wearing to class and around campus.

What I Used:
I normally never wear lipstick or gloss, so I bought these items specifically for this project. I purchased them from Walmart, and they ran about $5 a piece.

Maybelline Lipstick in Cool Watermelon
Neutrogena Gloss in Glisten

I think it's safe to assume most of you know how to put on lipstick ;) However I do have some helpful hints.
1) Put on a little chap-stick before applying any color or gloss. This helps the color to slide on smoothly.
2) Unless your going for a matte look, apply a layer of color, and then some sheer gloss to help the color shine.
3) After applying color and/or gloss, stick your finger in your mouth (as if your sucking on your thumb or something) and then pull it out. I know this sounds silly- but it actually takes off any color or gloss that may be on the inside of your lips.

16 March 2010

Spring Cotillion


Dress: Forever 21
Boots: Kate Spade
Earrings: Claire’s

Dress: Macy’s
Boots: Shoe Carnival
bracelets: Vintage

Spring Cotillion at Carnegie Music Hall

As any college girl, I LOVE getting a break from classes to dress up. Although the melting snow and pouring rain threatened to dampen our style (no pun intended) Sadie and I managed to keep dry in these cute wellies. Even though we changed into heels once we got there, I loved this look

Trendy Tuesday: Chambray

Although when many think of chambray they automatically conjure up a crazy denim on denim ensemble like that of Justin and Brittany (see bottom), chambray can actually be worn in a very sophisticated and trendy way. With all of the options out there, possibilities are endless. Chambray can be purchased at in a variety of colors ranging from sky blue to deep navy. Various shades of grays are also popular for chambray. A fun thing about this fabric is that it can be worn as a shirt, dress, pants, skirt, or accessory and look amazing all ways. However, mixing denim and chambray is still pretty tough. When going for an all chambray look remember to use a variety of colors- not the same shade of blue- and add some bright accessories to break up the denim look.

What I Wore
Chambray Dress: Charlotte Russe
Flats: Old Navy
Belt: Vintage from my mom- She wanted me to make sure and let everyone know that she's still young, and the vintage items are from the 70's at their oldest :)
Necklace: The Body Shop

Where I Wore it:
Classes, a Women in Business board meeting, and a meeting with my advisor

How I Styled it:
I found this chambray dress for under $15 the other day (gotta love no sales tax!) Although this little shirt-dress came with a matching sash/belt, I opted to break it up a little with the vintage brown belt I "borrowed" from my mom : ) Since it was still pretty chilly this morning, I added these maroon tights and a cream cardigan. I finished the outfit off with these caramel cutout flats and a vintage-looking heart locket necklace. With some soft curls I felt very romantic/vintage/trendy. What a fun combination!

Why it Works:
Of all people, I am especially wary of the denim overload. That's why I chose this light chambray dress. I felt like its casual shape and light color gave off more of a girly feel and less of a crazy 90's feel. Although so far I've stuck to pairing my chambray with sweet, vintage, and girly items, I think I want to mix it up a little and try a denim shirt with some tough accents.

Where to get it:
Of course I’m always a vintage advocate- because trends almost always recycle themselves you can find just about anything at a decent thrift store. For newer versions, The Gap has some really great chambray shirts and dresses- but if you’re looking for something cheaper try Forever 21, H&M, or Charlotte Russe. You can always count on those stores to bring you the newest trends for cheap!

12 March 2010

Fun Find Friday: Leas Vintage on

Lately I've been scouring the internet for cute vintage clothes at bargain prices (I'm a college student, what can I say?) Obviously, good vintage doesn't come at cheap prices, so I hadn't had much luck until I stumbled upon LeasVintage at I found the site while longingly staring at a vintage dress belonging to Jessica of whatiwore, see the outfit here I was really suprised and even more excited when I visited Leasvintage and discoverd her plethora of cute vintage clothes all at great prices. I bought this adorable vintage top for only $14. I can't wait to pair it with a cute skirt and wedges for summer, and with skinnys and a cardigan now. I love the top because it's obvious its truly vintage, yet it's in perfect condition!

I was very pleased with the items and service Leasvintage offered. Leas measurements are very accurate, and she is quick to respond if you have a question about any of the items. She also launders all non-dry clean items before shipping them to the buyer and ships the package in this adorable wrapping with a personal card.

I'm keeping my eye on her site for more cute things to buy, I would love to get this dress, it looks like something I could find in my mom's yearbook from the 70's- adorable!

The only slightly negative comment I could think of was that the shop does not currently have any larger sized items. Although this does make it so much easier for me to shop because I can fit most items for sale, I know it might come as a discouragement to some. Other than that, which really doesn't affect me anyhow- I love this shop!

Pictures used in this post are property of LeasVintage

11 March 2010

After the Mud...

What I Wore
Jeans: Old Navy
Brown Military Jacket: Target
Top: Old Navy
Flats: Old Navy
Scarf: Gift
Bangles: Rue 21, Forever 21, Old Navy

After ruining my cute outfit in the mud I needed a new one for dinner and a meeting!

Since I couldn’t wear my dress/tights/cardigan combo for the rest of the night because of the mud I needed something cute and easy. I thought about styling a super trendy outfit, but I didn’t want to waste it when I wouldn’t be seeing that many people. So for tonight (which was really last night because I’m just now blogging about it) I dressed up dark jeans and a white T-shirt with a light green pashmina and gold bangles. I threw on a brown jacket to stay warm and headed out!

Do save your awesome outfits for when you know you’ll be seeing people, or is every second your personal runway? Let me know!

Thursday Beauty Day

I recently decided that I wanted to start experimenting with hair and makeup and doing a post about it every Thursday. To start out, I planned on doing side braid over my shoulder. This style has been all over the runways this Spring, and would be a great way to wear your hair for a full day of classes or work. Unfortunately, I obviously didn’t consider the fact that my shoulder length hair wasn’t long enough. I still really love thick braids though, and decided to do this cute updo instead.

What You’ll Need

-Medium barrel curling iron
-Heat protector Spray
-Paddle Brush
-Small elastics that match your hair color
-Bobby Pins
-Hair Spray

How To Do This Style

1) Curl your hair with a curling iron- Don’t forget to use heat protecter spray! (The curls don’t have to be perfect, they’re just there for texture)
2) After your hair has cooled completely, brush it with paddle brush
3) Scrunch your hair using just your fingers- no product
4) You should have nice wavy curls now. If your hair still looks frizzy, twirl a few strands around your fingers to give them definition
5) Make a deep side part, and then do a really thick french braid down the side and around to the back. Make sure not to braid too tight though
6) Gather your hair in a small elastic
7) Randomly pin curls around the pony tail with bobby pins. Don’t try to be too perfect, it is supposed to be a slightly messy bun
8) Using your thumb and index finger, pinch your braid to loosen up a few strands (If you have lots of layers around your face, be careful not to loosen them though!)
9) Spray all over with hairspray

TOTAL TIME (Not including curling) 10 Minutes

I really loved this style- It stayed put through more than 12 hours of classes, shopping, and sewing. Plus I got tons of compliments and requests for directions. I guess I picked a good style for the blog : )

10 March 2010

I Should Have Listened When Mom Said Not to Wear White in Winter


Floral Dress: Forever 21
Brown Tights: Target
Belt: Vintage from my Mom : )
Cream Cardigan: Old Navy
Brown Flats: Target
Bronze Feather Earrings: A little jewelry store in Puerto Rico

Classes and giving tours to prospective students

I can’t get over this weather! It got up to 60 today! In the morning and evening is was still pretty cool though, so I brought along this cream cardigan. The one bad thing about the weather? Underneath the snow we still have (!) the grass has turned into slippery nasty mud. Normally this wouldn’t be too big of a problem- when I was trying to leap over a pile of snow to get to a dry spot though…. I slid right into the mud.

It was actually slightly worse than the picture depicts… It was so wet and nasty that it went through my cardigan, dress, and tights. This would happen the day I wear a new dress. Oh well, the stains are almost out, and that makes me quite proud of my newfound laundering skills. Maybe I should do a post about stain removal. haha : )

Trendy Tuesday: Sheer Clothing

Sheer Fabrics were all over the runways this year. Many designers showcased clothing that was completely see-through, often showing much more skin than any normal person would care to show in the real world. However, this trend is totally wearable in real life!

Where I Wore it:

Tonight I attended an alumni panel and networking event for communication and marketing students here at school. Since there was going to be distinguished alumni that are working in the field I would one day like to enter, I wanted to look put together while still remaining stylish.

How I Styled it:

I actually bought this cream colored sheer top from Guess several years ago, but I’ve only worn it a few times. I was pretty excited to see sheers on the runway for Spring- I love it when something I’ve been hanging onto comes back in style! Dress for the event was business casual- but since when have I settled for khakis? I tucked the top into a plain black pencil skirt and bloused it a little for a fun play on volume. Although I almost always stick to a very safe outfit combination/color palate for professional events (This is never the time to try out something crazy), I added a pearl and chain necklace and a hot pink handbag to stand-out.

Why it Works:

Despite the fact that sheers on the runway were overbearingly sexy and provocative, they can be toned down with the proper pieces. My top is just barely sheer, that’s why it is completely acceptable when worn with a modest camisole. I kept the rest of the outfit simple and fairly conservative- a plain black pencil skirt, matching cream tights, and oxfords kept the look toned down, but the accessories added some fun.

Other Ways to Wear Sheers:

~A sheer top paired with dark jeans and heels makes for a perfect date look- As long as you don’t go overboard.
~A solid dress with a sheer overlay can give you that sheer look without baring too much. A perfect look for a more formal occasion!
~This trend can even be worked into a really strict professional dress code. My suggestion would be to pair a sheer top with suit separates- the sliver of sheer at the top of your collarbone (Don’t forget the camisole underneath!) shows just enough skin to make this trend work for you!

Thoughts? Ideas? I would love to see how you style your sheer for spring- Leave me a photo comment!

09 March 2010

Some Floral for a warm Spring Day

Tank Top: H&M
Skirt: Abercrombie and Fitch
Tights: Vintage from my mom :)
Boots: Burlington Coat Factory
Denim Blazer: TJ Maxx
Necklace: Also vintage from my mom

A full day of classes, and then to the Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve on campus to take some pictures

This week we have actually had amazing weather. It's stayed around mid- high fifties during the day! Does the fact that we still have this much snow tell you how much we had when it was cold?? Anyways, I actually wore this outfit with some royal blue/navy tights, and a navy cardigan. Although it was pretty cute, I opted to change into this combination. I usually never repeat entire outfits, but I kinda love this :) And although I know most people don't consider this pattern mixing, I do love the subtle difference of the polka dot tights and the floral print skirt.