11 March 2010

Thursday Beauty Day

I recently decided that I wanted to start experimenting with hair and makeup and doing a post about it every Thursday. To start out, I planned on doing side braid over my shoulder. This style has been all over the runways this Spring, and would be a great way to wear your hair for a full day of classes or work. Unfortunately, I obviously didn’t consider the fact that my shoulder length hair wasn’t long enough. I still really love thick braids though, and decided to do this cute updo instead.

What You’ll Need

-Medium barrel curling iron
-Heat protector Spray
-Paddle Brush
-Small elastics that match your hair color
-Bobby Pins
-Hair Spray

How To Do This Style

1) Curl your hair with a curling iron- Don’t forget to use heat protecter spray! (The curls don’t have to be perfect, they’re just there for texture)
2) After your hair has cooled completely, brush it with paddle brush
3) Scrunch your hair using just your fingers- no product
4) You should have nice wavy curls now. If your hair still looks frizzy, twirl a few strands around your fingers to give them definition
5) Make a deep side part, and then do a really thick french braid down the side and around to the back. Make sure not to braid too tight though
6) Gather your hair in a small elastic
7) Randomly pin curls around the pony tail with bobby pins. Don’t try to be too perfect, it is supposed to be a slightly messy bun
8) Using your thumb and index finger, pinch your braid to loosen up a few strands (If you have lots of layers around your face, be careful not to loosen them though!)
9) Spray all over with hairspray

TOTAL TIME (Not including curling) 10 Minutes

I really loved this style- It stayed put through more than 12 hours of classes, shopping, and sewing. Plus I got tons of compliments and requests for directions. I guess I picked a good style for the blog : )

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