10 March 2010

Trendy Tuesday: Sheer Clothing

Sheer Fabrics were all over the runways this year. Many designers showcased clothing that was completely see-through, often showing much more skin than any normal person would care to show in the real world. However, this trend is totally wearable in real life!

Where I Wore it:

Tonight I attended an alumni panel and networking event for communication and marketing students here at school. Since there was going to be distinguished alumni that are working in the field I would one day like to enter, I wanted to look put together while still remaining stylish.

How I Styled it:

I actually bought this cream colored sheer top from Guess several years ago, but I’ve only worn it a few times. I was pretty excited to see sheers on the runway for Spring- I love it when something I’ve been hanging onto comes back in style! Dress for the event was business casual- but since when have I settled for khakis? I tucked the top into a plain black pencil skirt and bloused it a little for a fun play on volume. Although I almost always stick to a very safe outfit combination/color palate for professional events (This is never the time to try out something crazy), I added a pearl and chain necklace and a hot pink handbag to stand-out.

Why it Works:

Despite the fact that sheers on the runway were overbearingly sexy and provocative, they can be toned down with the proper pieces. My top is just barely sheer, that’s why it is completely acceptable when worn with a modest camisole. I kept the rest of the outfit simple and fairly conservative- a plain black pencil skirt, matching cream tights, and oxfords kept the look toned down, but the accessories added some fun.

Other Ways to Wear Sheers:

~A sheer top paired with dark jeans and heels makes for a perfect date look- As long as you don’t go overboard.
~A solid dress with a sheer overlay can give you that sheer look without baring too much. A perfect look for a more formal occasion!
~This trend can even be worked into a really strict professional dress code. My suggestion would be to pair a sheer top with suit separates- the sliver of sheer at the top of your collarbone (Don’t forget the camisole underneath!) shows just enough skin to make this trend work for you!

Thoughts? Ideas? I would love to see how you style your sheer for spring- Leave me a photo comment!

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