21 March 2010

Walking on Sunshine

I actually do have an excuse for my lack of blogging this past week- after coming back to school in Pittsburgh I realized I left my camera cord back home in Tennessee. Of course, the ONE thing my mac doesn't have is an XD picture card slot. Oh well. Here's some outfit pictures from a lovely Saturday at the lake with my lovely (albeit crazy) friends

Jeans: Old Navy
Top: Old Navy
Scarf: Old Navy
Flats: Goodwill (only 50 cents!!)

To a local state park to spend a beautiful Saturday with my friends :)

If you couldn’t tell, I shop at Old Navy alot. The brand was actually never one of my favorites, but I started working there 2 years ago. I’ve become addicted to the ease of mixing basics like tops, skirts, jeans, and simple dresses with fun accessories. It’s a pretty good recipe for a busy college student if you ask me!

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