10 March 2010

I Should Have Listened When Mom Said Not to Wear White in Winter


Floral Dress: Forever 21
Brown Tights: Target
Belt: Vintage from my Mom : )
Cream Cardigan: Old Navy
Brown Flats: Target
Bronze Feather Earrings: A little jewelry store in Puerto Rico

Classes and giving tours to prospective students

I can’t get over this weather! It got up to 60 today! In the morning and evening is was still pretty cool though, so I brought along this cream cardigan. The one bad thing about the weather? Underneath the snow we still have (!) the grass has turned into slippery nasty mud. Normally this wouldn’t be too big of a problem- when I was trying to leap over a pile of snow to get to a dry spot though…. I slid right into the mud.

It was actually slightly worse than the picture depicts… It was so wet and nasty that it went through my cardigan, dress, and tights. This would happen the day I wear a new dress. Oh well, the stains are almost out, and that makes me quite proud of my newfound laundering skills. Maybe I should do a post about stain removal. haha : )

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  1. ewwww we have mud everywhere too here in oklahoma...sick! I'm glad you got the stains out though! that dress is adorable!


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