28 April 2011

The Blues.

 Crazy wind.  

Skirt: Francesca's, $34
Top: Target, $9
Cardigan: Gap, $13
Flats: Target, $9
Necklace: The Body Shop, $11
Initial Necklace: Macys, gift

Forgive me for the super short posts lately.  I feel like I'm completely blank every time I sit down to blog.  But thankfully I will officially be done with the semester in less than a week!  Unfortunately that means it's getting ready to be finals time (Monday and Tuesday for me....)  On top of that, one of my professors thought it was cool to assign us a 25 page group paper and 30 minute presentation.  Great timing professor, great timing.  Luckily it hasn't been too bad though and my group seems to be chuggin' right through it.

Alright, here's to the home stretch!

26 April 2011

Before, During, and After




Dress: Some outlet store at the beach, $35
Purse: Etienne Aigner, Vintage from my mom
Bird Necklace: Target, $5
Initial Necklace: gift, Macy's
Wedges: Belk, $25

Today was one of those days.  I had a late start, no class until 10- so I decided to lay in bed until 9:20, knowing that I had multiple pre-planned outfits in my closet.  What I didn't account for though, was that I had not actually tried any of these combinations on before.  So after 3 or 4 failed attempts, I went for the dress.  I've had this thing for at least 4 years, and it's seriously been one of the most wearable pieces I've ever bought.  Paired with these new wedges (which I've worn for three days straight)  and my mom's old purse, I felt pretty ok.  Here's hoping tomorrow's outfit goes a little smoother... and I don't get caught in any more rainstorms.

25 April 2011

Back Again

Dress: Urban Outfitters, $20
Cardigan: Charlotte Russe, $20
Shoes: Chinese Laundry via TJ Maxx, $20
Belt: Vintage from mom
Purse: The Limited, $25

Goodness I apologize for that break of blogging.  Again, I honestly didn't mean to.  It just kinda happened...  But anyways, I hope you all had a wonderful easter (I'll post pictures of mine tomorrow!) I just finished the drive from Knoxville to Pittsburgh and I'm a bit dead at the moment, so I'm going to make this post short and sweet.

Goodnight all :)

18 April 2011

Jeans: TJ Maxx, $20
Top: Aerie, $18
Necklace: Francesca's, $18
Purse: Vintage, Mom's
Wedges: Chinese Laundry via TJ Maxx, $20
Ring: Rue 21, $4

So there's a story about this outfit- I saw this picture...                          

and thought it looked like the perfect casual date night outfit. Of course once I get set on wearing something it's pretty much impossible to put together something else.  This would be just fine if I actually owned a shirt like this, which of course I didn't.  So, I showed up at Greg's apartment in a t-shirt and jeans and announced that before we could go to eat we HAD to go shopping.  When you know exactly what you're looking for (a flowy striped shirt in my case) one of two things can happen:

1.  You pass over all of the unnecessary things and find exactly what you need in record time
2. You absolutely CANNOT find what you want and refuse to accept an alternative

Of course, the second was what happened to me.  FINALLY, after a long amount of time (I say two hours, Greg says four) I found this little pink and beige striped shirt at American Eagle and a perfect little clock necklace at Francesca's.  

Then we got half priced sushi and fell asleep on the couch watching Despicable Me.  

The End.  

13 April 2011

Good Day

Top: Loft- thrifted, $2
Jeans: Old Navy, $4
Jacket: Old Navy, $4
Necklace: Forever 21, $3
Shoes: Toms, gift

Today was a good day.  I found my memory card and am slowing beginning to catch up on missed outfit posts; I finished my religion paper a full day ahead of time (coming from a 100% procrastinator, this is a big thing); I got THE cutest nail polish as a mid-week pick-me-up (my first non-essentials purchase in almost 2 months.  Record?  I think so.); I'm hopefully ready for my finance exam tomorrow; I get to go to a lecture tomorrow... a fashion one; ANDDDD I get to go home this weekend to dress up my little sister for her prom.  I'm excited.  It's seriously almost like it's me going to prom.  But anyways... classes were cancelled today due to the Seniors' honors convocation, which was nice.  I spent the day working and studying though, and this simple but incredibly comfortable outfit was just the fit.

Speaking of fit, this jacket is pretty odd, which is probably why I got it so cheap and haven't worn it before.  But for some odd reason I really really like it.  Perfect for throwing on a casual layer when the weather just. won't. cooperate.

Alright, that's all for today.  I'll post tomorrow, promise!

OH. P.S.  I just learned how to fishtail braid.  It was a little messy today, but I'll be improving on that in the near future.

10 April 2011

Sorry for the almost complete disappearance this past week.  You can thank my finance class and a missing memory card for that.  

Be back soon!  

06 April 2011

Not fashion but....

Sorry for my absence... I was taking outfit photos, really.  But my memory card is MIA, and without it (or my actual camera cord)  those photos just can't make their way here.  in lieu of another blog-less day, I figured I would share some exciting news...

I'm going to Spain!

And it's not just a short vacation either, I'm studying abroad for this coming fall semester.  So from late September-late December, this is where I'll be calling home

The group/company I'm going with is called ISA.  Even though my actual trip hasn't started yet, my experience with them has been phenomenal.  ISA has offices here is the USA, but also employees and offices in each city they send students too.  AND  they plan excursions for our group to do while staying abroad.  For my semester we have 8 different excursions:

1. Madrid, the capitol
2. Toledo
3. Cordoba
4. Sevilla
5. Granada
6. Ronda
7. El Torcal
8. Morocco!!

I don't know too much about the cities, but I do know that we have plenty of time for exploring and shopping in addition to taking in all of the language, food, and general culture.

Packing will definitely be a task for me.  The picture below is what I packed for a trip home.... the trip was a week.  How I'm going to pack for THREE solid months is anyone's guess.

Even more exciting- one of my best friends, Sara, is also studying abroad the same semester.  She will be in London, England, and our other friend, Bernadette, will be in Rome, Italy.  We had a pre-departure meeting at school today, during which Bernadette, Sara and I planned a mid semester weekend trip to Paris.  And how much is airfare to Paris while in Europe?  About $40.  I think we all died of excitement.

Although this is still pretty far in the future, I wanted to start thinking about it now- Although I definitely do want to keep up with blogging while I'm there I'm not sure whether I will just stick to this one or blog about travels in a separate travel blog.  If you'd be interested at all, please let me know :)

02 April 2011

The Racoon

 Top: J. Crew, $30
Skirt: Pacsun, $4
Tights:, $10
Boots: Thrifted, $4
Clutch: Thrifted, $2
Headband: J. Crew, $5
Necklace: Forever 21, gift
Socks: One is from Target.  One is from H&M.  No lie.  

I don't really feel like this outfit was 100% me.  But I liked it, and each piece was SO comfortable.  Some days you just need that.  Also, does anyone else hate dorm lighting?  I swear, in my room its this low soft light that makes everything match (like my shoes and clutch)  and your messy hair and make-up appear flawless.... then you step out into the hall- which is POLAR opposite fluorescent lighting that makes everything look awfulllll.  

Also, look who I ran into while taking pictures?  I could just hear my mom's voice in my head telling me that this cutie could have rabies.... but I just had to get a picture or two before walking away.  I don't think I've seen one in real life before (other than when they run away and all you catch is a glimpse.)