06 April 2011

Not fashion but....

Sorry for my absence... I was taking outfit photos, really.  But my memory card is MIA, and without it (or my actual camera cord)  those photos just can't make their way here.  in lieu of another blog-less day, I figured I would share some exciting news...

I'm going to Spain!

And it's not just a short vacation either, I'm studying abroad for this coming fall semester.  So from late September-late December, this is where I'll be calling home

The group/company I'm going with is called ISA.  Even though my actual trip hasn't started yet, my experience with them has been phenomenal.  ISA has offices here is the USA, but also employees and offices in each city they send students too.  AND  they plan excursions for our group to do while staying abroad.  For my semester we have 8 different excursions:

1. Madrid, the capitol
2. Toledo
3. Cordoba
4. Sevilla
5. Granada
6. Ronda
7. El Torcal
8. Morocco!!

I don't know too much about the cities, but I do know that we have plenty of time for exploring and shopping in addition to taking in all of the language, food, and general culture.

Packing will definitely be a task for me.  The picture below is what I packed for a trip home.... the trip was a week.  How I'm going to pack for THREE solid months is anyone's guess.

Even more exciting- one of my best friends, Sara, is also studying abroad the same semester.  She will be in London, England, and our other friend, Bernadette, will be in Rome, Italy.  We had a pre-departure meeting at school today, during which Bernadette, Sara and I planned a mid semester weekend trip to Paris.  And how much is airfare to Paris while in Europe?  About $40.  I think we all died of excitement.

Although this is still pretty far in the future, I wanted to start thinking about it now- Although I definitely do want to keep up with blogging while I'm there I'm not sure whether I will just stick to this one or blog about travels in a separate travel blog.  If you'd be interested at all, please let me know :)

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  1. EFF YEAH!!!!!!!

    "I'm famous! I'm on Abby's blog!" - Bernadette

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