31 May 2010

My New Favorite Dress

Dress: Old Navy, $3.50
Scarf: Old Navy, $9
Cardigan: Old Navy, $15
Belt: NY & Co., $3
Earrings: American Eagle, $12
Wedges: Target, $15
Ring: Charlotte Russe, $4

Church and hanging out with some friends

I LOVE this dress. It's just a simple tank dress, but the fact that its so comfy and simple makes it like a blank canvas. Since it's going to be so easy to dress up or down, I have a feeling I'll be wearing quite a bit, and at $3.50 on clearance, I think it was a pretty good buy :)

30 May 2010

Just a Little Message

Sorry, no cute outfit posts today :( It's honestly just been a lazy Sunday in which I'm desperately trying to finish the unpacking that should have been done weeks ago. I'll be back tomorrow, I promise. But today is special because.... It's my friend Sara's 19th birthday! So

Sara, Happy Birthday. I hope you have an awesome day and if I wasn't 9 hours away I would jump out from a random corner, oreo in hand, and scare you (inside joke, sorry everybody!) But in all seriousness, thank you so much for always being there to listen and give advice, even when I know you're tired of hearing the same stories over and over. Now, let's plan a weekend rendezvous somewhere between our own states :)

28 May 2010

Smalltown, USA

Dress: Rue 21, $2
Vest: TJ Maxx, 50¢
Heels: Rue 21, $2
Belt: Old Navy, $4
Earrings: Puerto Rican Market, $12
Sunglasses: Rue 21, $5

Work and just a tiny bit of shopping. Usually it's physically impossible for for me to use "tiny bit" and "shopping" in the same sentence- but for $26 I got 2 dresses, 2 tops, a cardigan and a green cargo jacket at Old Navy. Gotta love sales :)

So this isn't even the post office I use, but sometimes I pass it on the way to work, and I love how little and cute it is. It's alot like the town where I live. You can count on your neighbors for anything, and friends are as good as family. I have to admit, as much as I love traveling and going to school up North, at the end of the day nothing is better than my good ol' Southern home :)

Fun Find Friday: Hair Products

I usually skip right over articles about hair products when reading other blogs, but really, hair care should be of top importance to every woman. Hairstyles can either give your look the final perfect touch, or make you look completely disheveled and unprofessional. Keeping this in mind, being good to your hair can go a long way in keeping your locks healthy and shiny. So here are some helpful tips and products that I personally tested

1) Get to know your natural hair type and work with it instead of against it. Personally, I have super thick stick straight hair. So, on most days I just straighten the top layer and go. I make sure to use a low heat setting since my hair is already straight, and I only straighten the top layer so that I can conserve my thick volume while still having that straight and shiny look. Every once and awhile I do like to curl my hair, but when I do I make sure to extra heat protectant spray to keep my ends from splitting. If you have curly hair, find out what works best for you and try to embrace your natural texture more often.

2) Make sure to condition your hair! I used to assume (incorrectly!) that if my hair got oily easily, I shouldn't condition. However, conditioners do much more than just moisturize your hair- they can also be used to boost volume, protect ends, and restore color. Talk to your hairstylist about choosing the right conditioner for you- I guarantee there is one out there. My personal favorite is Biolage. Although it's a little bit pricier than normal drug store brands (a small/medium size bottle will run about $16), this conditioner proves to be more than worth it! My hair gets split ends like nobody's business, and I can honestly tell a difference when using these products.


3) Protect your hair! In addition to conditioning your hair in the shower, use heat protectants whenever you use heat products. Also, use the lowest effective heat setting. I love this Paul Mitchell Serum. It adds lots of moisture and shine to your hair, plus it leaves hair feeling silky soft. As if that isn't good enough, the serum also smoothes frizz and flyaways.

4) Another product I'm addicted to is Dove Daily Replenishing Mist. I actually spray this on my hair several times a day to keep it moisturized and SO soft. It helps seal and protect against split ends, which I get almost constantly. Plus, at about $4 for a medium sized bottle, it's doesn't cost nearly as much as it's worth.

That rounds up my personal top 3 hair products, but of course there are many different types of hair and what works for me may not work best for you. So let me know, what are your favorite hair care products.

27 May 2010

Thursday Beauty Day- How to Look Good When You Just Feel Like Going Back to Bed

Everybody has those "ugh" days. Whether it's due to too much time spent out the night before, a crazy all-nighter, or as in my case, just feeling awful, these days come around more often than any of us would like. Instead of throwing on sweats of your comfy jeans, take advantage of some of my tips and tricks below- after all, you know you feel better when you look better :)

The Clothes

Dress: Old Navy, $7
Cardigan: Target, $12
Belt: NY and Company, $4
Flats: Target, $9

As far as clothes go, comfort is definitely first priority. No matter what season it is, I always end up wearing some variation of the combination below because it offers no-fail comfort while still looking good.
  • Sleeveless jersey dress
  • Cardigan (usually boyfriend fit so I have some extra room)
  • Belt (to pull it all together)
  • Comfortable Flats
The Accessories

Earrings: Rue 21, $3
Bag: Forever 21, $15
Belt: NY and Company, $4
Glasses: Chanel, ?

Usually when I'm having an off day I don't want a ton of accessories jingling around, so to limit the need for them I try to find a dress with an embellished neckline. Since I'm usually wearing a cardigan, my wrists generally aren't bare, so the only things that are needed are earrings and a few little rings. Additionally, I almost always bring my glasses along on this type of day. Even though I should wear them everyday I usually don't because 1) they don't match or 2) I just don't want to. But speaking from experience, nothing's worse than having to squint to see anything when you already have a headache.

The Hair
Although I can't speak for anyone else, when I don't feel good one of the last things I want is to have to deal with my hair in my face. Therefore, almost any time I'm getting ready for an off day, I throw my hair up in some odd type of ballerina/messy bun hybrid. Instead of putting on a headband like I normally do with my updos, I just use hair colored bobby pins to keep my bangs out of my eyes. I forgo the headbands because when I'm dealing with a headache, any additional pressure drives me crazy. Other alternatives to casual updos are braids or nice ponytails.
The Makeup
What I Use
Almay Foundation, $12
LashMaxxx Mascara, $6
Covergirl Lipstain, $9

On yucky days I try to keep my makeup routine pretty simple. This lip stain is the BEST. Its fairly new and made by Covergirl. I'm on a mission to get every color, which should happen soon since they're under $10 a piece.... and for lipcolor that feels like nothing and lasts ALL day, I think it's worth it. I also love my Almay foundation- just enough coverage without being too much. I'll admit though, I'm the emotional type. Seeing as though anything can make me cry, waterproof mascara and light makeup is a must, especially on days like today. And because I need to vent, let me just tell you about some of it.
  1. Since yesterday I've been yuckily sick and because of that,
  2. I got almost no sleep last night.
  3. I woke up late this morning and had to skip breakfast.
  4. When I did leave my house (on time) I went to turn out of my driveway when I saw roadkill, which made me sad...
  5. Only it made me extra sad because it wasn't just an 'possum, but also her dead babies. Do you have any idea how cute baby possums are? But these babies weren't as cute because they were dead.
  6. The construction crew closed my road, without warning, so I had to turn around and go the back way to work...
  7. which made me late.
  8. Add on some personal stuff and you have my day.
But on the good side, my mom made me double chocolate brownies and I'm going to see Sex and the City 2 tomorrow with one of my really good friends. Despite today, it will be a good week : )

I hope you don't have an "ugh" day anytime soon... but when you do, I hope these tips help!

26 May 2010

Going There Series Part 2: Internship

From life-guarding to working in retail at the local mall, there are endless opportunities for those of us looking for quick summer cash. However, as we grow older it becomes necessary for us to put a little more time and effort into choosing summer jobs or internships that will help us grow and experiment in our future career plans. For those of us that have worked hard and found the perfect (or maybe even not so perfect) internship, it’s time to buckle down and get a little more serious. Things that may not seem like such a big deal now, like arriving early and looking put together day in and day out may mean the difference in a recommendation or job offer in the future.

There are three main categories of work wear: casual, business casual, and business professional. Even for accomplished professionals the thin lines in between these categories can be blurry, so I’ve put together a few sample outfits and guidelines for getting ready.


Internship- Casual 1Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

There is a pretty big difference between casual and business casual, so make sure you are confident in exactly which set you will be expected to adhere to. Casual dress means that you are allowed to wear almost anything. Jeans, simple t-shirts, longer shorts, and casual shoes are all acceptable casual wear options. However, stay away from baggy jeans, sweats, and cheap flip-flops. Even though you have plenty of freedom, you don’t want to abuse it. In fact, I’ve found that it’s always a good idea to dress slightly nicer than how you are expected. This shows that you are taking your job or internship seriously and care about making a good impression

Business Casual

Option 1

Business Casual 1Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Option Two

Internship- Business Casual 2Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Business Casual is just a step down from business professional. Although you won’t be expected to wear suits or jackets, you should look put together and professional. Unless specifically mentioned, jeans should not be worn in a business casual workplace. Instead, stock up on slacks, nice capris, skirts and dresses. When wearing a skirt or dress, look for a length you would wear to church. While I don’t always stick to knee-length, I definitely don’t go much shorter for work.

Business Professional

Option One (For more conservative jobs)

Internship- Business ProfessionalFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Option Two (For less conservative jobs)Internship- Business Professional 1

When it comes to Business Professional, you should be ready to dress like a serious professional. Although the amount of freedom allowed will depend on your exact workplace, blazers or jackets are an expected part of all outfits. While professionals at the most conservative locations (like legal firms) will likely stick to darker colored suits, and minimal accessories, working people at places with more creative freedom (like advertising or graphic design agencies) will probably be incorporating bright colors and fun prints. Regardless of where your job falls on the spectrum, feel free to show your personality with fun accessories like those in the outfits above.

May 24: Gray Denim Revival

Skirt: Old Navy, $5
Top: Target, $15
Belt: Gap Outlet, $6
Heels: Dillard's (Antonio Melani), $30
Sunglasses: Rue 21, $6

Working all day and then getting Chinese takeout and a movie with my mom :)

I bought this skirt early last year in super sale at Old Navy, but haven't ever worn it because I then went through a phase where I decided I hated denim skirts. I actually saw someone with a really awesome outfit on and I realized, Hey, I have that skirt! So here is my grey denim pencil skirt revival. I actually really did like the way the outfit turned out though. It was casual, but at the same time cute and put together enough for work.

On a more personal note, besides dressing nice, what makes you feel better when you're down? My mom and I used to fight all the time, but ever since college we've gotten SO much closer, hence the Chinese food and movie night, which definitely does make those not-so-awesome days much better :)

25 May 2010

Trendy Tuesday: Tribal Print

Like nautical, tribal is one of those trends that come back every spring and early summer. It's a fun trend to experiment with because the print can be found in almost any size and color on almost any type of clothing and accessory.

The easiest and perhaps most common way to wear tribal is to throw on a printed dress. Add some simple accessories and throw on a denim jacket if it's cold and you have an instant fashion-forward outfit.

How I Wore it:

Dress: Belks? , $20
Camisole: Forever 21, $3
Denim Jacket: Gadzooks, $20
Gladiators: Old Navy, $5
Earrings: Rue 21, $3
Ring: Gift

Just to illustrate the fact that tribal is a reappearing trend, I bought this dress on clearance 3 years ago. Its a string halter with a bandeau style top. To make it work appropriate I layered the dress over a plain white camisole and under a denim jacket. Simple gladiators and drop earrings completed my "trendy tuesday" look.

Other Ways to Wear Tribal:

If you've been following my blog, you know one of my signature looks is a high-waisted skirt with a plain top, belt, necklace and flats. Following that combination, here is my first tribal outfit. The whole look is based around the fun printed skirt. However, since this outfit is pretty loud (graphic skirt, bib necklace and gladiator sandals) this outfit is for someone who isn't afraid to experiment with the trend

Trends-Tribal PrintFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Another hot way to wear tribal for the warmer weather is with shorts. Since busy patterns draw the eye toward them, if you're self conscious of your legs and thighs, this style may not be for you.
Trends-Tribal 2Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

If you're really wary of tribal print items but still want to give the trend a try, get some fun tribal-inspired bangles. I love the wooden/gold/muticolored combination in the bracelets below, plus it's an easy way to test out the trend.

Tribal-3Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

So, what are you're feelings on tribal print items? Leave me a comment and let me know!

24 May 2010

Going There Series Part 1: Getting There

Although not many of us would consider "getting there" to be half the fun, that's no reason to slack on looks, or not to have some fun along the way!

A majority of people throw on simple jeans and a top for a plane ride, and usually dress down to the point of pajamas when spending the day in a car. So what if you're probably never going to see those exact same flight attendants or McDonald's servers again. Do you honestly want the only image of you they'll ever see of you to be in sweats? You never know who you could meet while traveling, so use it as an excuse to dress comfy-cute!

Air Travel

Although comfort is definitely important when it comes to air travel, the biggest thing to consider should be ease. Shoes should be easy to remove quickly for those trips through security. Do yourself (and the people in line behind you!) a favor by packing the lace up booties and buckle clad gladiators in favor of simple flats or slip on sandals. When picking out your actual clothes, keep in mind your rompers and shorts or pants with lots of buttons may not be the best choice i case you need to make a Nascar speed rush to the bathroom in between flights. No matter what you wear, where you're going, or what season it is, ALWAYS pack a comfy cardigan you can pull out and wear on the plane. I've used mine as a makeshift pillow and micro-blanket in addition to simply wearing it.
Getting There-Plane
Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

For my example outfit I stuck with my typical airplane wear: a jersey dress, cardigan, cute flats, and a fun necklace. To be extra trendy (again, you never know who you might run into at an airport) I added black bike shorts with cute lace trim. Even if you’re not crazy about this trend, pick up a shorter pair that won’t peek out from underneath your dress. That way if a gust of wind blows your dress up when walking across the tarmac you won’t have to spend the whole flight wondering if your neighbor caught sight of your cartoon printed undies. Final suggestion: Don't forget to pack some chapstick (softlips is my favorite) and a teeny-tiny bottle of moisturizer.

Car Travel

With multiple friends and/or family members, long car rides are almost always cramped. Depending on your car-mates' preferences, it may also be really cold and/or warm. Dressing to stay comfy and cute in this type of situation is definitely a challenge, but not impossible!

Getting There- Car Ride
Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

For my sample outfit I choose a sleeveless jersey maxi dress, which will cover you up in the cold air-conditioning, but also allow you to breathe in warmer environments. I also added a scarf for layering (again, totally multipurpose: think pillow, mini-blanket, and even hair tie in dire circumstances) and comfy sandals. Lastly I choose some fun bangles and a pair of sunglasses to complete the look. Don't forget to stock a big bag with items (iPod, cell phone, markers and paper, etc) you'll use to keep yourself occupied during the journey Hey, you know you feel better when you look better ;)

General Traveling Tips:
  1. Make sure to stay hydrated, but at the same time make sure you're not just drinking out of boredom- Nothing's worse than having to maneuver you're way to the back of the plane or asking your driver to stop multiple times.
  2. If you'll be driving for a long distance, why not pick a few random and fun quick stops along the way. Think "the world's largest rubber band ball" or something along that line. That way you'll have something fun to look forward to, but you won't be set back more than 20 minutes or so. Having a few fun things to look forward to makes a long trip easier to deal with.
  3. Get yourself a few little indulgences, that way you have simple things to be excited about. For example- I usually buy a new magazine and some fun pens and stationary a week or so before I plan on leaving, but I don't allow myself to touch them until I'm on the plane or in the car. Even though they're small, they make you look forward to the actual "getting there" part.
  4. Finally, pack a wallet size picture of your destination and write down a few of the activities you're most looking forward to. Having a visual reminder of what you're waiting for makes it all seem a little more worth it :)
Going somewhere this summer? Leave me a comment and let me know your summer plans. Travel safe and have fun everyone... Happy Summer!

21 May 2010

Fun Find Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Here are some fun little links, some fashion related, but not all :)

  • I don't normally enjoy computer/video games, but I LOVE Robot Unicorn. It's a fun little game that's surprisingly addicting.
  • Coach has recently teamed up with bloggers to design 4 limited edition bags. Although I probably won't be shelling out my hard-earned cash for them (prices range from $398-$498), it's awesome to see each of the bloggers' styles show through in their individual bags. From SHEfinds, here are some pictures.
  • I love wearing cute flats to work because they're a great way not to sacrifice style for comfort. Glamour has a great feature on 29 Flats for Under $50. Now that's my kind of shopping!
  • Another awesome article from Glamour- Summer Dress Under $50.
  • From ABC news, here's a video of an extra special valedictorian speech- mid speech she pops to question to her longtime boyfriend, who happens to be the salutatorian. SO sweet :)
  • Ever read FML? It's my homepage, and it makes me laugh every time... but here's a new one that just might be replacing my daily FML- LGMH (LoveGivesMeHope). I've had a little trouble with their website, so here is their tumblr
Outfit posts coming this weekend :) Have a wonderful Friday!

19 May 2010

Going There Series

Now that it's summertime I'm so excited to do more than just outfit posts. One of the projects I'll be working on is the "Going There" series. It will consist of outfit ideas and advice on what you should wear and bring to any type of event that might occur during the summer. I have so many fun event ideas to start working on, but I need your help! Let me know what you'll be doing this summer and the type of events/places you would like me to work on.

Have a wonderful summer!

50's Anyone?

Shirtdress: Forever 21, $30
Heels: Random store in LA, $8
Necklace: Forever 21, $4

Out to lunch and a movie with my friend Ashley. Can anyone else hardly wait for Sex and the City 2? I never followed the series, but I LOVED the first movie.

I love shirt-dresses because they're so simple and easy to just throw on and look nice. This one is especially nice for several reasons:
  1. It was only $30 at Forever 21
  2. It has a really cute floralish/featherish print
  3. The placement of the waist and pockets makes legs look super long
I also love these shoes- for the first few minutes they're on. After that I'm ready for some cute sandals :)