10 May 2010

Finals Week: Effortless Ideas for Looking Good

Taking finals is many students' worst nightmare, and who can blame them? After working hard for all semester, we get to look forward to a week (or more) in which we have crucial exams in every one of our classes. Despite good preparation, it's almost impossible to prevent extreme lack of sleep. Even though most students rely on casual staples like jeans and t-shirts to get through the last week, it's important to give a good final impression to your professors and classmates.

Although many schools have already finished the dreaded finals week, these outfits are a perfect fit for anytime you need to look cute in a hurry.

Outfit One
Finals Day
The most important thing to consider during a stressful time like finals week is comfort. This outfit consists of comfy classics almost every girl has in her closet: trusty jeans, a loose and flowy T-shirt, and a comfy cardigan. All that's needed to pull this outfit together is a necklace and cute sandals. Add a fun headscarf to help cover greasy roots, and you're set to go!

Outfit Two

Finals 2
This outfit is most similar to what I would wear during a time like finals week. As an easy way to look more put together, I usually don't wear a sash that was made to go with the dress, or skirt, or whatever. Instead I like to pair these items with a contrasting belt and some simple accessories. This outfit was based around the scarf, which ties the red, brown, and blue together. Add a watch to keep yourself on track and you have a cute (and easy) outfit.

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  1. I'd love to see more casual outfits, like leggings and yoga pants with slippers, I think that a lot of girls can pull together the messy-cute look, and it makes you more approachable especially with a low maintenance find like quirky duck slippers.


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