24 May 2010

Going There Series Part 1: Getting There

Although not many of us would consider "getting there" to be half the fun, that's no reason to slack on looks, or not to have some fun along the way!

A majority of people throw on simple jeans and a top for a plane ride, and usually dress down to the point of pajamas when spending the day in a car. So what if you're probably never going to see those exact same flight attendants or McDonald's servers again. Do you honestly want the only image of you they'll ever see of you to be in sweats? You never know who you could meet while traveling, so use it as an excuse to dress comfy-cute!

Air Travel

Although comfort is definitely important when it comes to air travel, the biggest thing to consider should be ease. Shoes should be easy to remove quickly for those trips through security. Do yourself (and the people in line behind you!) a favor by packing the lace up booties and buckle clad gladiators in favor of simple flats or slip on sandals. When picking out your actual clothes, keep in mind your rompers and shorts or pants with lots of buttons may not be the best choice i case you need to make a Nascar speed rush to the bathroom in between flights. No matter what you wear, where you're going, or what season it is, ALWAYS pack a comfy cardigan you can pull out and wear on the plane. I've used mine as a makeshift pillow and micro-blanket in addition to simply wearing it.
Getting There-Plane
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For my example outfit I stuck with my typical airplane wear: a jersey dress, cardigan, cute flats, and a fun necklace. To be extra trendy (again, you never know who you might run into at an airport) I added black bike shorts with cute lace trim. Even if you’re not crazy about this trend, pick up a shorter pair that won’t peek out from underneath your dress. That way if a gust of wind blows your dress up when walking across the tarmac you won’t have to spend the whole flight wondering if your neighbor caught sight of your cartoon printed undies. Final suggestion: Don't forget to pack some chapstick (softlips is my favorite) and a teeny-tiny bottle of moisturizer.

Car Travel

With multiple friends and/or family members, long car rides are almost always cramped. Depending on your car-mates' preferences, it may also be really cold and/or warm. Dressing to stay comfy and cute in this type of situation is definitely a challenge, but not impossible!

Getting There- Car Ride
Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

For my sample outfit I choose a sleeveless jersey maxi dress, which will cover you up in the cold air-conditioning, but also allow you to breathe in warmer environments. I also added a scarf for layering (again, totally multipurpose: think pillow, mini-blanket, and even hair tie in dire circumstances) and comfy sandals. Lastly I choose some fun bangles and a pair of sunglasses to complete the look. Don't forget to stock a big bag with items (iPod, cell phone, markers and paper, etc) you'll use to keep yourself occupied during the journey Hey, you know you feel better when you look better ;)

General Traveling Tips:
  1. Make sure to stay hydrated, but at the same time make sure you're not just drinking out of boredom- Nothing's worse than having to maneuver you're way to the back of the plane or asking your driver to stop multiple times.
  2. If you'll be driving for a long distance, why not pick a few random and fun quick stops along the way. Think "the world's largest rubber band ball" or something along that line. That way you'll have something fun to look forward to, but you won't be set back more than 20 minutes or so. Having a few fun things to look forward to makes a long trip easier to deal with.
  3. Get yourself a few little indulgences, that way you have simple things to be excited about. For example- I usually buy a new magazine and some fun pens and stationary a week or so before I plan on leaving, but I don't allow myself to touch them until I'm on the plane or in the car. Even though they're small, they make you look forward to the actual "getting there" part.
  4. Finally, pack a wallet size picture of your destination and write down a few of the activities you're most looking forward to. Having a visual reminder of what you're waiting for makes it all seem a little more worth it :)
Going somewhere this summer? Leave me a comment and let me know your summer plans. Travel safe and have fun everyone... Happy Summer!

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