28 May 2010

Fun Find Friday: Hair Products

I usually skip right over articles about hair products when reading other blogs, but really, hair care should be of top importance to every woman. Hairstyles can either give your look the final perfect touch, or make you look completely disheveled and unprofessional. Keeping this in mind, being good to your hair can go a long way in keeping your locks healthy and shiny. So here are some helpful tips and products that I personally tested

1) Get to know your natural hair type and work with it instead of against it. Personally, I have super thick stick straight hair. So, on most days I just straighten the top layer and go. I make sure to use a low heat setting since my hair is already straight, and I only straighten the top layer so that I can conserve my thick volume while still having that straight and shiny look. Every once and awhile I do like to curl my hair, but when I do I make sure to extra heat protectant spray to keep my ends from splitting. If you have curly hair, find out what works best for you and try to embrace your natural texture more often.

2) Make sure to condition your hair! I used to assume (incorrectly!) that if my hair got oily easily, I shouldn't condition. However, conditioners do much more than just moisturize your hair- they can also be used to boost volume, protect ends, and restore color. Talk to your hairstylist about choosing the right conditioner for you- I guarantee there is one out there. My personal favorite is Biolage. Although it's a little bit pricier than normal drug store brands (a small/medium size bottle will run about $16), this conditioner proves to be more than worth it! My hair gets split ends like nobody's business, and I can honestly tell a difference when using these products.


3) Protect your hair! In addition to conditioning your hair in the shower, use heat protectants whenever you use heat products. Also, use the lowest effective heat setting. I love this Paul Mitchell Serum. It adds lots of moisture and shine to your hair, plus it leaves hair feeling silky soft. As if that isn't good enough, the serum also smoothes frizz and flyaways.

4) Another product I'm addicted to is Dove Daily Replenishing Mist. I actually spray this on my hair several times a day to keep it moisturized and SO soft. It helps seal and protect against split ends, which I get almost constantly. Plus, at about $4 for a medium sized bottle, it's doesn't cost nearly as much as it's worth.

That rounds up my personal top 3 hair products, but of course there are many different types of hair and what works for me may not work best for you. So let me know, what are your favorite hair care products.

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  1. great stuff abby! i always need product to tame my crazy curly hair! i'm excited to try your products! i can vouch for the wavy haired people like myself! i'd love to participate if you need a test dummy! :P


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