03 May 2010

I Think I Should Take a Break From Outdoor Pictures

So I thought I'd try something new with the picture editing this time. It's a nice little change, but I don't think I'll be permanently changing from my normal What/Where/Why layout. Thoughts? Anyways, I picked out this nice little outfit for the day because the weather has been SO nice- nothing too fixed up, just some layering and accessories for a more put together look. Since there are so many nice places around campus I decided to take pictures at the lake today. Although I did get some cute scenery I also had a run-in with my biggest fear...

I was walking back across this bridge leaving the lake when I heard a rustling. I thought it was leaves, but it turned out to be a not so small snake. I know it was probably just a "harmless" snake, but seeing as though they are my biggest fear it scared me... alot. To add to the fear (and the fact that I was wearing sandals) I was stuck on the lake side of the bridge, and had no choice but to keep going across. After I got a LONG way away from it I snapped this picture to show off my braveness... or slight lack of :)

Good luck to anyone that has to go through finals this week!

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