30 September 2010


Jeans: American Eagle, gift
Top: American Apparel, gift
Oxfords: Urban Outfitters, $50
Necklace: Buckle, $12

So last weekend was filled with sleeping late, lounging around, recovering from a hard week class wise, and preparing for more coming exams. Almost all of this took place in my dorm room, in sweatpants and a tshirt. Sunday afternoon I decided to head down to the coffeehouse on campus to get a change of location and help with my focus (Is it just me, or is this gorgeous fall season making it harder for everyone to pay attention?) Anyways, I decided that I was just going act like a student and wear my sweatpant/tshirt/ponytail ensemble with pride. I got halfway down my hall before turning around to change.... So once I got back to my room and my room-mate lovingly rolled her eyes at my inability to wear sweats in public, I put on jeans and my favorite new oxfords. Then, just because it was a little chilly, I added my go-to beige cardigan. And then it turned into, what the heck- why not just add a necklace and brush my hair (haha.) But seriously, lately when I'm feeling lazy I seem to always either twist or braid my bangs back. I feel like it gives someone of a more put-together feel while still looking pretty nice.

Btw... The most amazing secretary at my summer internship gave me tons of her daughter's clothes because she was moving away and didn't want them anymore (yes, I'm completely and totally OK with hand-me-downs. Anytime free clothes in good condition are offered, I'll gladly take them!) In the four GIANT bags was a pretty good selection of tops, pants, dresses, as well as a skirt or two. The Gap, The Limited, American Eagle, Express, and Urban Outfitters were just a few of the brands (This is probably the closest I'll ever get to Christmas in July!) But my absolute favorite piece, hands down, is this graphic tee from American Apparel. It has got to be the softest piece of clothing I've ever put on, and I've been wearing it constantly lately! Does anyone else have any experience with the brand? Is all of their stuff this awesome?? If so, I can feel some online shopping in my very near future...

So that was my Sunday in a nutshell. The only thing even remotely interesting I did was paint the run through sign for my college's football game this coming Saturday.

"Hey Tornadoes (that's the opposing team) the forecast for the game is sunny with a Bearcat (that's us, haha) Win."

Corny? Yes. Oh well :)

OH WAIT.... I totally forgot, I DID get to do something super awesome on Sunday, and it's fashion related! I'll definitely be writing a post about that one super soon

The Home Stretch

Skirt: Old Navy, $15
Top: Forever 21, $7
Necklace: Urban Outfitters, $9
Cardigan: Old Navy, $3

This morning I woke up planning on following the rules exactly- no cheating. However, as I was running out the door (late again) I was informed that it was windy and a bit cold... So what was I to do? The answer? Grab this marbled navy cardigan and continue on my merry way. But hey, in the end (in this scenario) I'd rather be a happy cheater then a cranky rule follower.

26 September 2010

On a Sweatpants Type of Day...

Skirt: Gap, $15
Top: J.Crew, gift
Sandals: Forever 21, $18
Belt: NY & Co., $4
Earrings: Target, 3 for $8

This breezy outfit was perfect for running around campus and going to classes and work in this gorgeous weather we're having!

I can never bring myself to walk out of my dorm in sweatpants, even when I completely feel like it. For days like that I have a file on my computer full of outfits that are super comfortable, but still decently put together. My favorite thing about this outfit? Well, besides the fact that the floral detail on the shirt complement the pattern on the skirt almost perfectly.... The skirt has pockets! Haha, does anyone else get excited about little things like that?

Also, isn't the sky here beautiful? Since moving to southwestern PA for school, I've seen some of the most gorgeous skies ever- the sunsets... incredible.

When I Pick My Favorite Pieces from the 30- This is What I Get

Top: Forever 21, $18
Skirt: Target, $20
Shoes: Target, $16
Necklace: Buckle, $12

This is one of those outfits that looked really good in person, but when I went to photograph it, it was all wrinkled and laid weird, and it took forever to get a decent photo or two... oh well.
In person though, I did like the leopard shoes with the navy skirt and nudish pink top.

14 September 2010

Wearing White.

**I didn't do so well on outfit posts this time. haha. No detail shots or anything, but I place full blame on my camera dying- yes, again. And the last picture- I hardly even touched the colors, so I have no idea how it came out like this when I took it in broad daylight. However, I really like it :)

Dress: Urban Outfitters, $20
Cardigan: Charlotte Russe, $18
Sandals: Gap, $20
Earrings: Target, pack of 3 for $8

Classes and work

I know that most people say its bad to wear white after labor day. But sometimes I just have those days where I could care less about what other people say. Today was one of those days. It was warm and beautiful and I love my new dress, so I just paired it with this long and flowy navy cardigan to make it not quite so summery. Does anyone else love to wear things, even though they technically are a no-no?

11 September 2010

Sneak Peek

So, I actually do have my 30 for 30 finished, however, since school has started, finding opportunities to get pictures has been much more difficult. So... instead of waiting until I can get those particular outfits photographed, here is one of the outfits I wore after finishing the project.

Sorry for the singular picture... my camera would die, seriously right after taking this.

Dress (worn as skirt): Target, $20
Top: Rue 21, $3
Flats: Old Navy, $9
Belt: Vintage, my mom's
Earrings: Puerto Rican Store, $12


The whole 30 for 30 thing got me thinking about different ways to wear each item. So, today I just folded down the stretchy top of the dress and wore it as a skirt. I have to say, I was pretty proud of myself... even if it wasn't a super ingenuitive new trend or anything :)

07 September 2010

Oh Happy Day (26!)

This was my photographer for the weekend :)

Dress (worn as skirt):, $30
Top: Target, $7
Sandals: Forever 21, $18
Belt: NY and Co., $4
Necklace: Lucky, $30

Primanti's for lunch, and then to take a walk around the nature reserve on campus.

Remember how as a little kid you would jump of random closets, rooms, under beds, etc. to scare your friends? Well, I never grew out of that. Seriously, any of my friends can tell you, I'm constantly creeping around and popping out to scare people. For some reason, it makes me laugh just as hard as it did when I was a kid. So today, I got the bright idea to set a self timer on my camera with the intention of catching my work on film. Seriously I was SO excited about actually catching one of my surprise scares (I'm a dork, I know) However, when I jumped out from behind the corner, Greg (the boyfriend) reacted differently then I expected. Honestly, I never, ever, EVER do the whole kissing pictures thing. But I couldn't help but post this accident one, it makes me smile.

06 September 2010

Why Yes, I'm Counting This One

Skirt: Target, $3
Top: Forever 21, $7
Sandals: Forever 21, $18
Necklace: gift
Belt: Target, $12

The other day as I was getting together my final 30 for 30 picks, I put together this exact. same. outfit. When I realized I had posted it before I was a little disappointed, but I wanted to wear it again, so I did. And since I did, I feel no guilt/shame/etc. in reposting and counting it towards one of my 30. Yay for outfits you love so much you want to wear again and again!

Oh Yes... Number 24

Remember this picture from the last post? Sadly, it's the only picture of outfit number 24 I have... Ok, lie- I do have ONE full length picture... but it's pretty bad, so this is all I have to share.

In this outfit that you can only half see- I am wearing:
Skirt: J.Crew Outlet, $18
Top: Forever 21, $8
Sandals: Forever 21, $18
Necklace: Forever 21, $5

Sorry for the lack of pictures... The last five looks will be well documented, that I can promise :)