23 October 2011

Barcelona Photos!

I live for the day that I can get personally crafted dresses....

As the pictures above and below depict, please don't drive a Vespa Internationally if you don't already know 1) how to drive a vespa and 2) your way around the city.  Rental places make it seem soooo easy and like such a fun time.  No.  False.  If you drive a vespa in a new place, you could end up on the freeway... illegally... although you will get some fun stories out of it, I would recommend walking ;)

12 October 2011

I love the way Spain does day trips

Easy travel!  That's one of my favorite things about living in Europe.  Because today was a bank holiday (??) classes were cancelled and we hopped on a bus to Nerja, Spain.  Beforehand, all I knew was that it was a small town about an hour away and was rumored to have pretty beaches.  Once again, after visiting a new city, my mind is blown.  The pictures speak for themselves, but we will definitely be returning to Nerja!  

11 October 2011

Harem Pants

Harem pants, aka Gypsey Pants, Pooped-in-your-pants Pants, Genie Pants, and multiple other negative terms.

I was never a fan of such pants.  They were popular back home for like 10 minutes, but quickly disappeared from the streets, likely due to the many snide comments and general public opinion.

In Spain though, they're huge (no pun intended.)  According to the locals, they've been popular for quite awhile, and don't show any sign of leaving.  I've not even been here for two weeks yet, and I already fell to peer pressure and bought a pair.

Sigh.  A pair of slightly harem khaki capris (that feel like the lightest most perfect pajama pants ever) somehow made their way to the sale rack and then into my closet.  I wore them for the first time today with a plain black top and some gold jewelry, and even if I hadn't gotten a billion compliments, I still might never take them off...

Until I get back home that is.  Even though I'm loving the pants now, I know that in the US the pants just aren't as accepted.  Which brings me to the point of this post.

Would you wear something in a particular place but not in another?  Or, have you ever been suddenly attracted to certain clothing you thought you hated once you saw it on so many people?

08 October 2011

Ronda, Spain

Top: Old Navy, $6
Skirt: Delias via outlet store, $25
Boots: Target, $35
Purse: Belk, $13
Bracelets: Spain! 5 €
Owl Earrings: Forever 21, $4
Sunglasses: Forever 21, $5

Today my study abroad group took the hour trek to Ronda, Spain.  Having never really heard of Ronda, I didn't expect much.  Boy was I wrong.   More pictures and details are here, but I think you can tell from the ones that I posted that the views were truly incredible!  The vastness of it all was truly breathtaking, and the history behind the city was mind blowing. 

After a completely full day, I'm super tired and heading off to bed.  But be prepared for more pictures.  My friends and I are going on excursions almost every week...  Next up- Barcelona!

04 October 2011

First day of school, Spain style!

I promise I'm not just trying to get you to look at my travel blog, it's just a lot of work to post on two blogs at once!  So, here's a picture from my first day of class, and if you want, here's the link to the whole post.

I choose a pretty modest skirt, just in case, and because of a recent decline in sight, glasses are a must for class.  Other than that I kept it pretty simple.  My body still isn't used to getting up in this new time change!

02 October 2011


Hi everyone!
Sorry its been so long since my last post.  This time though, I have a good excuse.
I'm in Europe.  For reals.
If you're interested in reading up on my travels, you can visit me here.
If not, thats ok too.  Here are some pictures from my first few days in Madrid

Day One Outfit
Airplanes and Roses Dress: ShopMamie, $25
Sandals: Walmart, $10
Belt: NY& Co., $4
Bag: Target, $12
Sunglasses: F21, $5

Day Two Outfit
Dress: TJ Maxx, $40
Sandals: Walmart, $10
Purse: Target, $12
Sunglasses: F21, $5