11 October 2011

Harem Pants

Harem pants, aka Gypsey Pants, Pooped-in-your-pants Pants, Genie Pants, and multiple other negative terms.

I was never a fan of such pants.  They were popular back home for like 10 minutes, but quickly disappeared from the streets, likely due to the many snide comments and general public opinion.

In Spain though, they're huge (no pun intended.)  According to the locals, they've been popular for quite awhile, and don't show any sign of leaving.  I've not even been here for two weeks yet, and I already fell to peer pressure and bought a pair.

Sigh.  A pair of slightly harem khaki capris (that feel like the lightest most perfect pajama pants ever) somehow made their way to the sale rack and then into my closet.  I wore them for the first time today with a plain black top and some gold jewelry, and even if I hadn't gotten a billion compliments, I still might never take them off...

Until I get back home that is.  Even though I'm loving the pants now, I know that in the US the pants just aren't as accepted.  Which brings me to the point of this post.

Would you wear something in a particular place but not in another?  Or, have you ever been suddenly attracted to certain clothing you thought you hated once you saw it on so many people?


  1. I do wear things based on the surroundings.

    Also there are things I hate then see them on people more and more and decide to like them.(pointy shoes are an example)

  2. Need a picture, girl!

    I would so try and start a trend like that.
    And I think the thing with seeing something you hated is that once you see the like jillion versatile ways of styling, it kind of gives you ideas...

  3. That has happened a million times to me. Case in point: Uggs, skinny jeans, rompers. Yes, I'm still on the Ugg train. But I live in upstate New York, where its frigid 8 months of the year, and I never wear them when its warm out (i.e. above 60 degrees--even 50 is iffy). I'll wear my Uggs out and about, but never while teaching. I know a lot of teachers who do wear them to teach in but I utterly refuse. No matter how delicious they feel on my feet.


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