30 April 2010

Up in the Air

Dress:, $29
Top: Old Navy, $5
Belt: New York and Company, $4
Sandals: Charlotte Russe, $14
Leaf Ring: Charlotte Russe, $4
Black and Blue Cat Eye Sunglasses: Charlotte Russe, $4

A quick run to the mall and then work and classes. Today was our last day of classes! Although I'll miss all my northern friends I'm pretty excited to get home and start my summer internship.

While searching for fun fashion blogs I recently ran across It's an awesome online boutique in which every item is handpicked by the two owners- and everything is under $100! I think I'll be doing a fun find friday article on them sometime soon, so be sure to check back!

Anyways, I love to wear random prints and accessories. 1) Because they're cute and unique and 2) Because they almost always serve as a conversation starter.

The print on this adorable sweetheart-neckline dress is actually roses and airplanes. I'm in love. The dress is girly with a fun twist, which is definitely a way I would describe my personal style. To make it appropriate for class I layered it over a black top and added some simple accessories and sandals- but I can't wait to pair it with my cork and black wedges during the summer.

Although I repeatedly wear every piece of clothing I have (if you don't like it enough to wear it more than once, don't buy it!) I usually try and space out the unique things and wear them different each time. However, I can tell I'll be wearing this little dress quite a bit in the summer :) Do you have any items that you repeat often? Let me know!

29 April 2010

The Secret Garden

Crew Neck Top: Old Navy, $5
Floral Skirt: Abercrombie and Fitch, $25
Gladiator Sandals: Old Navy, $5
Denim Vest: TJ Maxx, 50¢
Locket Necklace: The Body Shop, $3
Flower Headband: Forever 21, $2

Classes and errands

For some reason this outfit reminded me of the movie/book, The Secret Garden,which is actually quite funny considering I don't even remember what the movie was about. It must just be the floral and locket necklace that has me thinking that. On a different note, I apologize in advance for the probable lack of blogging this coming week. I have finals Monday-Thursday next week that I really should be focusing on. Hopefully I'll have some time to work on a few interesting posts about getting ready quick and dealing with stress though :)

28 April 2010

Skirt: Target, $24
Top: J.C. Penneys, 97¢
Heels: Target, $13
Necklace: Target, $9

Last night my economics professor took our class of 8 (I love small classes at college) to dinner at the local country club. We had a dinner budget of $40 per person... needless to say it was a great way celebrate the end of our honors class.

Normally shoes are the finishing touches on my outfits, but for the past two days they've been the focus point. Since they do have a fun graphic print I wanted to keep the rest of the outfit pretty simple because the event was still conservative. I wish the details on this shirt showed up in print- there are strips of sheer silk up each side and down the back, the details make the top just dressy enough for the outfit. As far as my hair went, I wanted something polished but fun. I was planning on doing a casual updo, but since I only had 5 minutes and my hair was being difficult I decided to just add some volume and do a little half-up style. Gosh I love dress-up days :)

27 April 2010

My Golfer Shoes

Jeans: Old Navy $12
Tank Top: Target $9
Cardigan: Forever 21 $14
Necklace: American Eagle $10
Shoes: Sperry (Finishline) $20

Classes and some quick errands

I love these shoes, and I love them despite the fact that my friends refer to them as my golfing shoes. Technically they're boat shoes, but with the pastel plaid I can see where people get the golfing idea. For summer I want to pair them with shorts and some cute tops, but until the warmer weather gets here I'm sticking with capris. I added the little side braid to keep my hair out of my face, which actually ended up backfiring because of the layers in my not-so-long hair. Oh well, I still like braids better anyways

26 April 2010

Pink Zebra

Jeans: TJ Maxx, $20
Top: Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet, $9
Boots: Kate Spade, $109 (My biggest splurge to date)
Trench: Kristin Davis for Belk's, gift
Necklace: American Eagle $7

Classes and a study group

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately. This Monday starts our last week of classes and my professors sure aren't making it any easier. I've had more exams and presentations in these last weeks before finals than any other time. Ugh. I believe I'll be doing a post on 'How to look good after and all-nighter' for Thursday beauty day. Until then, here's my casual look for the rainy day. Have a good week everyone :)

22 April 2010

Blue Skies

Tank Top: Old Navy
Button up: Old Navy
Shorts: Old Navy
Belt: Old Navy
Sandals: Gap
Earrings: Puerto Rican Craft Booth

Classes and a chick-fil-a run

Thank goodness for warm and sunny days! Although they really make it hard for me to focus on school they give a little bit more freedom with the daily outfits. I threw on this button-up (or button down?) as a layering piece since there was a slight breeze. Then I just added some silver accessories to go with my shoes to complete the outfit. It made me think about mixing different metal colors in one outfit (silver, gold, bronze) - I've seen it on some other fashion bloggers, and it looks really cool most of the time; I think I'll be trying it soon!

21 April 2010

Here Comes Summer

Skirt: Old Navy
Top: Old Navy
Cardigan: Old Navy
Flats: Old Navy
Belt: Vintage
Headband: Forever 21

Classes and a Barbecue (goodness I love free food events on campus)

I promise I didn't mean to wear head to toe Old Navy, but I guess that's what I end up with after taking advantage of some seriously awesome employee discounts for the past 2 years. This morning when I checked the weather (It was 40 F) I told myself for some crazy reason that this skirt and cardigan would keep me warm enough. Of course it didn't and I ended up wrapping my legs in a hoodie during class, but the 65 high today made it all work out in the end. This outfit/weather/summeritis makes me SO ready for summer.

17 April 2010

Black and Blue All Over

Skirt: Target ($2)
Top: Target ($12)
Belt: NY & Company ($4)
Rainboots: Shoe Carnival ($30)
Ring: Charlotte Russe ($4)

Classes and work
On a side note, I'm excited for summer so that I'll have more places to go than just class and work- bring on the day trips!

Sometimes, ok- often actually, I get so obsessed with a particular item that I often neglect other pieces. Such was the case with my Kate Spade rainboots. They're one of my only "splurges" and I find myself reaching for them every time rain is so much as predicted. Although this is all well and good, I wanted to bring out my zebra print wellies today. With the crazy print they're a bit more fun, and I have to admit, wearing them makes me want to go out and do fun things.

16 April 2010

Pink Lady

Skirt: Old Navy
Top: Old Navy
Belt: Express
Shoes: Payless

Just classes- 20 days to summer break!

Unfortunately, this was one of those outfits that as soon as I start to blog about I think- dang! This would have been cuter with (insert random pieces here.) In this case, I'll definitely be re-wearing this skirt in the summer with either a navy and white striped top or a PWT (plain white T) and some bright accessories. Today was kind of a rush though- so a matching graphic T and sandals got me through today. Now, on to planning tomorrow's outfit- It'll be good, I promise :)

15 April 2010

Am I the Only Person who Styles an Outfit Around One Piece of Jewelry?

Trouser Jeans: American Eagle
Maroon Tank: Abercrombie & Fitch
Lace Tank: Puerto Rican Market
Brown Jacket: Target
Leopard Flats: Target
Peacock Necklace: Puerto Rican Jewelry Store

A typical Wednesday- work and classes

I normally try really hard to be more creative than the whole jeans/top combo. But lately the weather has been throwing me a curve ball- It's pretty dang cold when I leave for morning classes, but by the time afternoon classes roll around it get HOT. If I were to wear a dress/skirt without tights I would freeze on the walk to class (OK, so it's not THAT cold, but for a displaced southerner counting down to summer it counts), but wearing tights in the afternoon when it's nice and sunny and warm would definitely warrant a few looks, understandably. So please bear with me as I work on being creative during this weird weather. It's easy to layer tops and jackets- but bottoms? Any suggestions?

14 April 2010

The Boots... Yet Again

Top: Old Navy
Vest: Old Navy
Belt: New York and Company
Jeans: TJ Maxx
Boots: Kate Spade

To class, cleaning up my wreck of a room, and running errands to start filling up a storage unit with college stuff (hurry up summer!)

I almost always wear these boots with a black and white skirt or dress. Although I really want to start mixing them up with some other fun colors for Spring, today was one of those "blah" days thanks to lovely economics at 8:30 AM (sarcasm if you can't tell). Oh well, this is a pretty nice combo for a casual day.

13 April 2010

The Cleopatra Dress

Dress: TJ Maxx
Shoes: Dillard's
Bracelets: Rue 21

A Banquet to celebrate the end of the cheerleading season here at Saint Vincent

I was really excited to get dressed up for this event- but unfortunately it was also one of those moments that you go, "omigosh! I thought I had 2 hours but now I only have 20 minutes until I have to leave!" Solution- dress+heels+a few simple accessories. I LOVE the neckline on this dress- It feels kind of egyptian to me, which is why I call it my cleopatra dress :) In all seriousness though, an interesting embellishment or design can make a simple garment go a long way.

08 April 2010

Sandals? Check. Skirt from Middle School? Check. Cute Pictures with Friends? Check :)

Skirt: American Eagle
Top: American Eagle
Sandals: Payless
Necklace: Lucky

Classes and work

My grandma bought me this skirt in 7th grade and it is definitely one of my absolute favorite pieces that I still wear all too often in the warmer months. Although I love short skirts, I usually wear longer ones when I'm in class or at work. Yay for warm weather and no need for layering up! And YAY for compliments! Doesn't it seriously make your day so much better?

Also, since I seem to be in the mood for yaying things- yay for pictures with friends :) The first thing Dawn said to me this morning was, "Can I be in your blog today?!" Yes Dawn, you can be in the blog today. In all seriousness though, I really do like her casual Americana look. It shows that all you need to pull off a cute look is some fun accessories and a bright pair of shoes.