04 April 2010

Simple Southern Style

Jeans (Rolled into Capris): Old Navy
Top: J.C. Penney's- I know I wear White T's WAY too often, but they're so perfect for a comfy but put together outfit, and as long as you're mixing it up, I think it's OK to wear items frequently
Camisole: Old Navy
Hat: Forever 21
Heels: Dillard's
Necklace: Borrowed from my Madre : )

After Church I changed into this comfy ensemble for a day with the family.

Note to self and others: Never, EVER pack when emotionally upset. This causes you to end up at your destination with nothing but tons of random pieces that do not match. You will also forget to pack any and all accessories, more than one pair of shoes, and also possibly your hairbrush and other necessities. The only positive thing that could ever come out of this is the excuse to go shopping- which in an unstable state may or may not be good for your financial situation. Haha. Luckily I was able to snatch up a few cheap accessories plus a pair of super cute shoes that helped me keep my wardrobe on track for this quick trip home. My sister said my new hat made me look like a gardner, but I like it, and I especially can't wait to pair it with a floaty sundress for the hot southern sun this summer. Another note: Always leave a few decent pieces at home, you never know when you'll wish you had them. Anyways, today was a pretty decent day, I love Easter Sundays :) But it got me thinking, and since I'm trying to be more open with ya'll (excuse my southern-ness, every once and a while it just comes out, haha.) I just wanted to share some of the things I thought about:

In our world today there are numerous religions, races, and political beliefs. When we're truly honest with ourselves we realize that none of us really know what is exactly perfectly right. It makes me really sad that we're all so afraid of offending somebody that we often steer away from discussing any of these "touchy" subjects. All we know is what we believe personally. When I wish someone Merry Christmas or Happy Easter, like most others who believe in these types of holidays, I merely want to share my beliefs and well wishes, whether or not they share my same beliefs. In the same respect, I enjoy receiving Happy Hanukkah's and the like. Instead of constantly tearing at each others' beliefs, let's take the time to appreciate our differences and celebrate the things we have in common... like the love of fashion, because you better believe if I could buy myself a new outfit for everyone's different holidays I definitely would :)

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