05 April 2010

Simple Again? Yes, Please.

Shorts: American Eagle
Top: Old Navy
Flats: Old Navy
Headband: Forever 21
Turquoise Ring: Bought from Tibetan Monks at a museum

Hanging out during my last day of Easter break, and then flying back to Pittsburgh

I know this look more than a little resembles what I wore yesterday, but again- I was a bad packer for this trip : ( I made sure to wear flats so that I could easily slip them off at the airport, and I chose the floral headband to amp up the in girly-ness in the top- but honestly that's all the thought that went into today's outfit.

I'd love to say I'm super excited to get back to school, because I ALWAYS am... but honestly, I'm dreading going back for this last month. I'd so much rather just stay in TN and start on my internship now (I'll post details as it gets closer!) So I blame my lack of creativity on today's (slightly) sad mood. Better looks to come, I promise!

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