28 April 2010

Skirt: Target, $24
Top: J.C. Penneys, 97¢
Heels: Target, $13
Necklace: Target, $9

Last night my economics professor took our class of 8 (I love small classes at college) to dinner at the local country club. We had a dinner budget of $40 per person... needless to say it was a great way celebrate the end of our honors class.

Normally shoes are the finishing touches on my outfits, but for the past two days they've been the focus point. Since they do have a fun graphic print I wanted to keep the rest of the outfit pretty simple because the event was still conservative. I wish the details on this shirt showed up in print- there are strips of sheer silk up each side and down the back, the details make the top just dressy enough for the outfit. As far as my hair went, I wanted something polished but fun. I was planning on doing a casual updo, but since I only had 5 minutes and my hair was being difficult I decided to just add some volume and do a little half-up style. Gosh I love dress-up days :)

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  1. me encantan tus zapatitos, un besito guapa


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