15 April 2010

Am I the Only Person who Styles an Outfit Around One Piece of Jewelry?

Trouser Jeans: American Eagle
Maroon Tank: Abercrombie & Fitch
Lace Tank: Puerto Rican Market
Brown Jacket: Target
Leopard Flats: Target
Peacock Necklace: Puerto Rican Jewelry Store

A typical Wednesday- work and classes

I normally try really hard to be more creative than the whole jeans/top combo. But lately the weather has been throwing me a curve ball- It's pretty dang cold when I leave for morning classes, but by the time afternoon classes roll around it get HOT. If I were to wear a dress/skirt without tights I would freeze on the walk to class (OK, so it's not THAT cold, but for a displaced southerner counting down to summer it counts), but wearing tights in the afternoon when it's nice and sunny and warm would definitely warrant a few looks, understandably. So please bear with me as I work on being creative during this weird weather. It's easy to layer tops and jackets- but bottoms? Any suggestions?


  1. abs, were you creeping outside my room in the pictures? especially the first!

  2. i like ur vintage necklace,


  3. i like the necklace...i like the white top too...its unique :)


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