21 April 2010

Here Comes Summer

Skirt: Old Navy
Top: Old Navy
Cardigan: Old Navy
Flats: Old Navy
Belt: Vintage
Headband: Forever 21

Classes and a Barbecue (goodness I love free food events on campus)

I promise I didn't mean to wear head to toe Old Navy, but I guess that's what I end up with after taking advantage of some seriously awesome employee discounts for the past 2 years. This morning when I checked the weather (It was 40 F) I told myself for some crazy reason that this skirt and cardigan would keep me warm enough. Of course it didn't and I ended up wrapping my legs in a hoodie during class, but the 65 high today made it all work out in the end. This outfit/weather/summeritis makes me SO ready for summer.


  1. your pictures are AWESOME. the first one makes me giggle :)

  2. That's so nice, I wish I could be there!


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