21 November 2011

Why can't Americans wear pretty hats?? Granada, Spain!

Before I write a little about my weekend in Granada (which was actually a little over a week ago,) I just have a little request
Can we (as in Americans) please start wearing pretty hats to formal events?  As we were touring Granada, we came across this wedding party, which of course called for a few creeper photos to share the gorgeousness.

Now back to normal non-creeper things.  Granada was one of the last moorish strongholds in Spain and has retained quite a bit of North African influence.  When mixed with traditional and modern Spanish culture, it truly is a unique type of beauty.  Also, hellllo awesome shopping.  

Something I keep noticing across Europe is the mixture of old and new.  Constantly seeing a cathedral from the 1400s or an ancient Roman amphitheater right in the middle of a modern city is so mind blowing to me, having grown up in what is technically a "new" country.  In Granada we visited the cathedral that King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella (among other Spanish royals) are buried in, as well as the Alhambra, an incredible Moorish fortress/palace.  

Our study abroad group surprised us with a private flamenco show!  The location we went to was obviously very old, very unique, and very Spanish.  Experiencing this Spanish tradition for the first time was actually really cool.  I couldn't stop taking pictures.

17 November 2011

Those pants again...

Remember how I mentioned here about harem pants being a big trend in Spain, and about how much I was starting to like them?  Well here I introduce you to pair #2.   

Last weekend we took a trip to Granada (post on its way.) As one of the last moorish strongholds in Spain, Granada has quite a bit of Moorish/North African influence, which was SUPER cool.  They had harem pants EVERYWHERE, and When I saw this olive green color, I just couldn't help myself.  

Although when I get back to the states, it's very likely the pants will turn into glorified pajamas (they're the most comfortable thing everrrrr) I'm sure I will find somewhere to where them... Like on dates with Greg, I'm sure he would love that ;)  

Also, I just realized I never posted a photo of pair #1.  In case you were curious, here they are:

01 November 2011


For me, one of the absolute biggest motivating factors for studying abroad in Europe rather than Mexico or South America was the endless possibilities for weekend travel.  Its cheap (well, the flights are cheap, but everything else adds up wayyyy too fast) and it's actually suprisingly easy as long as you plan ahead.  Before this semester, the only time I had ever left the States was to visit my friend in Canada, so this semester in Europe is such a crazy amazing experience I can't even put it into words.  I understand that traveling like this is such a blessing (especially for Americans!) and I'm trying to soak it in as much as possible.  

With that being said, I spent last weekend in.... PARIS!   I've wanted to visit Paris for as long as I can remember, and now I can officially say that it was even better than I expected!  I have a friend studying abroad in London and another studying abroad in Rome, and the three of us met up to experience the city for a weekend.  

Advice to future travelers, a weekend is not nearly enough time!  There are super long lines to everything, and there was so much I didn't get to see.  

Over the course of three days, we saw the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, The Arc de Triumph, Sacre Cour and so much more.  We (especially me)  had so many crepes that I'm almost ashamed, and we even tried macaroons (yum!) and escargot (NOT so yum!)  The snails actually tasted good, and both my friends liked them, but the texture got to me.  Imagine boiling an actual snail, then eating it- yeah, it felt just. like. that.  

One of my favorite parts of the trip was sitting under the Eiffel tower at night, eating crepes and drinking wine of course, while it sparkled.  Yes, sparkled.  The first five minutes of every hour the Tower lights up, but the way the lights work, it literally makes it look like it's glittering.  If you have a love affair with the Eiffel Tower like I do, you would definitely die.  I know I did.  

One last thing, as far as style goes, I have to say I was expecting more.  I mean, I was seriously stressing out about what to wear to such a stylish city, but while I was there I didn't really feel like it was too different than anywhere else in Europe.  Granted, all Europeans dress better than Americans, and every country (that I've seen so far) kind of has its own little styles, but Parisians as a group were an understated classic kind of thing.  With a lot of what-not-to-wears present too.  And all the shopping I found was either HIGH end, or tourist, so no clothes from the style capital for me :(

Alright, picture time!

Outfit Details
Pink Skirt Outfit
Top: H&M, € 9.95
Skirt: H&M, € 19.95
Tights: Gift from Greg
Belt: J. Crew Outlet, $9
Necklace: Sfera, € 4
Blazer: Thirfted, $4
Bag: Target, $9
Flats: Pull and Bear, € 19.95

Striped Dress Outfit
Dress: H&M, € 7.95
Belt: Mom's
Tights: Mom's
Chambray Shirt: J. Crew Outlet, $35
Boots: Target, $35
Necklace: Sfera, €4.95

Sequin Skirt Outfit!
Skirt: H&M, €24.95
Chambray Top: J. Crew, $35
Tights:, $12
Flats: Pull and Bear, € 19.95
Necklace: American Eagle, $4