17 November 2011

Those pants again...

Remember how I mentioned here about harem pants being a big trend in Spain, and about how much I was starting to like them?  Well here I introduce you to pair #2.   

Last weekend we took a trip to Granada (post on its way.) As one of the last moorish strongholds in Spain, Granada has quite a bit of Moorish/North African influence, which was SUPER cool.  They had harem pants EVERYWHERE, and When I saw this olive green color, I just couldn't help myself.  

Although when I get back to the states, it's very likely the pants will turn into glorified pajamas (they're the most comfortable thing everrrrr) I'm sure I will find somewhere to where them... Like on dates with Greg, I'm sure he would love that ;)  

Also, I just realized I never posted a photo of pair #1.  In case you were curious, here they are:


  1. Beautiful scenery Abby! looks like fun

  2. abs you can totes wear harem pants #1 in america! i bet they would be accepted!

  3. very late response, but I agree with dawn- pants 1 are definitely passable! pants 2 on the other hand... maybe pajamas is a good idea ;)


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