27 April 2010

My Golfer Shoes

Jeans: Old Navy $12
Tank Top: Target $9
Cardigan: Forever 21 $14
Necklace: American Eagle $10
Shoes: Sperry (Finishline) $20

Classes and some quick errands

I love these shoes, and I love them despite the fact that my friends refer to them as my golfing shoes. Technically they're boat shoes, but with the pastel plaid I can see where people get the golfing idea. For summer I want to pair them with shorts and some cute tops, but until the warmer weather gets here I'm sticking with capris. I added the little side braid to keep my hair out of my face, which actually ended up backfiring because of the layers in my not-so-long hair. Oh well, I still like braids better anyways

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