26 September 2010

On a Sweatpants Type of Day...

Skirt: Gap, $15
Top: J.Crew, gift
Sandals: Forever 21, $18
Belt: NY & Co., $4
Earrings: Target, 3 for $8

This breezy outfit was perfect for running around campus and going to classes and work in this gorgeous weather we're having!

I can never bring myself to walk out of my dorm in sweatpants, even when I completely feel like it. For days like that I have a file on my computer full of outfits that are super comfortable, but still decently put together. My favorite thing about this outfit? Well, besides the fact that the floral detail on the shirt complement the pattern on the skirt almost perfectly.... The skirt has pockets! Haha, does anyone else get excited about little things like that?

Also, isn't the sky here beautiful? Since moving to southwestern PA for school, I've seen some of the most gorgeous skies ever- the sunsets... incredible.

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