07 September 2010

Oh Happy Day (26!)

This was my photographer for the weekend :)

Dress (worn as skirt):, $30
Top: Target, $7
Sandals: Forever 21, $18
Belt: NY and Co., $4
Necklace: Lucky, $30

Primanti's for lunch, and then to take a walk around the nature reserve on campus.

Remember how as a little kid you would jump of random closets, rooms, under beds, etc. to scare your friends? Well, I never grew out of that. Seriously, any of my friends can tell you, I'm constantly creeping around and popping out to scare people. For some reason, it makes me laugh just as hard as it did when I was a kid. So today, I got the bright idea to set a self timer on my camera with the intention of catching my work on film. Seriously I was SO excited about actually catching one of my surprise scares (I'm a dork, I know) However, when I jumped out from behind the corner, Greg (the boyfriend) reacted differently then I expected. Honestly, I never, ever, EVER do the whole kissing pictures thing. But I couldn't help but post this accident one, it makes me smile.


  1. What a sweet picture. I love that you can tell what is happening, but you don't see every gushy detail. Very cute skirt by the way.

  2. i FREAKING love the last picture abby. oh, and you :)


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