12 May 2010

Workin' Girl

Shorts: Gap Outlet, $5
Tank Top: Target, $9
Cardigan: Target, $12
Necklace: Puerto Rican Market, 50¢
Flats: Target, $9
Bag: Ross, $20

Today I started work at my summer internship! I'll be working at the state 4-H office in Knoxville doing marketing and event planning for the busy summer months. For those of you who aren't familiar with 4-H, it is a youth development (4-12 grade) organization aimed at developing youth in any of the 27 project areas of their choosing. When I was in 4-H I did public speaking, leadership, citizenship, and clothing (big surprise there, haha). 4-H is an incredible organization, and I truly believe it was instrumental in making me the person I am today. Since 4-H is supported by federal grants, it is available in every state- so if you know any younger kids, get them involved!

Dress at work is casual, but I like to look a little nicer. Black bermuda shorts with a cardigan (office is cold!) and pink flats were a perfect easy look for the day!

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  1. Is that wittle Benny? Or some rabbit you found outside :P


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