31 May 2010

My New Favorite Dress

Dress: Old Navy, $3.50
Scarf: Old Navy, $9
Cardigan: Old Navy, $15
Belt: NY & Co., $3
Earrings: American Eagle, $12
Wedges: Target, $15
Ring: Charlotte Russe, $4

Church and hanging out with some friends

I LOVE this dress. It's just a simple tank dress, but the fact that its so comfy and simple makes it like a blank canvas. Since it's going to be so easy to dress up or down, I have a feeling I'll be wearing quite a bit, and at $3.50 on clearance, I think it was a pretty good buy :)


  1. I'm procrastinating by going through some of your archives, so I just want to stay that I love that dress!! What a great find! Also, your blog is pretty awesome.


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