02 June 2010

Going There Series Part 3: Conferences

With students out of school and an abundance of nice(r) weather, conferences are abundant in the summertime. Whether you're going for work or play, it's important to make a good impression, after all, conferences are a great place to meet professionals of the area you're interested in, so you want to make sure to make a good impression!

Even as a college freshman (soon to be sophomore), I've been to quite a few conferences and a general rule of thumb I've learned to follow is to go by the guidelines of business casual, unless otherwise noted. From packing completely unmatchable separates to being the only person in jeans, there are plenty of packing mistakes to be made. However, with just a little planning, you can be the most put together attendee!

Some Outfit Ideas

Outfit One (for a casual conference)

Conference Casual- 3Casual Conference 2

Outfit Two
Outfit ThreeConference Casual 4

General Tips
  1. Plan all of your outfits a few days before leaving, that way you have plenty of time to add or change things
  2. Try on each outfit (accessories and all) before leaving. Nothing is worse than arriving at your hotel and learning that you're short an outfit.
  3. Bring a blazer and pair of jeans that you don't plan on wearing. That way if the conference turns out to be more casual or more professional than you expected you still have a backup.
  4. Layering is important. Even though it's hot and sunny outside, conference rooms are usually air conditioned and chilly.


  1. Anytime I've attended a conference, it has been business professional. I guess just know what the conference is about, what the topic(s) is/are, and who will be speaking there. It's always better to overdress in my opinion. Dress to impress!

  2. Good point, it is definitely VERY important to know exactly what the conference is about. The reason I leaned towards business casual is because most of the conferences I have been attending are geared towards students. If you're going to any type of professional conference, dress the part!


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