12 June 2010

A Cold Day at the Office

Jeans: Old Navy, $20
Top: J.C. Penneys, 97¢
Necklace: Target, $5
Jacket: Old Navy, $9
Headband: Forever 21, $2
Heels: TJ Maxx (Chinese Laundry), $10
Sandals: Payless, $3
Bracelet: Vintage, $5

Work and running errands

I normally don't wear jackets like this in the summer, and I almost never wear jeans to work... But dress at work is actually casual, and we just got a new airconditioning unit put in- brr! I ended up really liking this look though. It's something that's normally not "my style," but the teased/messy braid, military jacket, and skinnies all worked pretty well together.

This type of jacket was really popular earlier this year, but I hope it stays in for fall because I really like it!

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