27 May 2010

Thursday Beauty Day- How to Look Good When You Just Feel Like Going Back to Bed

Everybody has those "ugh" days. Whether it's due to too much time spent out the night before, a crazy all-nighter, or as in my case, just feeling awful, these days come around more often than any of us would like. Instead of throwing on sweats of your comfy jeans, take advantage of some of my tips and tricks below- after all, you know you feel better when you look better :)

The Clothes

Dress: Old Navy, $7
Cardigan: Target, $12
Belt: NY and Company, $4
Flats: Target, $9

As far as clothes go, comfort is definitely first priority. No matter what season it is, I always end up wearing some variation of the combination below because it offers no-fail comfort while still looking good.
  • Sleeveless jersey dress
  • Cardigan (usually boyfriend fit so I have some extra room)
  • Belt (to pull it all together)
  • Comfortable Flats
The Accessories

Earrings: Rue 21, $3
Bag: Forever 21, $15
Belt: NY and Company, $4
Glasses: Chanel, ?

Usually when I'm having an off day I don't want a ton of accessories jingling around, so to limit the need for them I try to find a dress with an embellished neckline. Since I'm usually wearing a cardigan, my wrists generally aren't bare, so the only things that are needed are earrings and a few little rings. Additionally, I almost always bring my glasses along on this type of day. Even though I should wear them everyday I usually don't because 1) they don't match or 2) I just don't want to. But speaking from experience, nothing's worse than having to squint to see anything when you already have a headache.

The Hair
Although I can't speak for anyone else, when I don't feel good one of the last things I want is to have to deal with my hair in my face. Therefore, almost any time I'm getting ready for an off day, I throw my hair up in some odd type of ballerina/messy bun hybrid. Instead of putting on a headband like I normally do with my updos, I just use hair colored bobby pins to keep my bangs out of my eyes. I forgo the headbands because when I'm dealing with a headache, any additional pressure drives me crazy. Other alternatives to casual updos are braids or nice ponytails.
The Makeup
What I Use
Almay Foundation, $12
LashMaxxx Mascara, $6
Covergirl Lipstain, $9

On yucky days I try to keep my makeup routine pretty simple. This lip stain is the BEST. Its fairly new and made by Covergirl. I'm on a mission to get every color, which should happen soon since they're under $10 a piece.... and for lipcolor that feels like nothing and lasts ALL day, I think it's worth it. I also love my Almay foundation- just enough coverage without being too much. I'll admit though, I'm the emotional type. Seeing as though anything can make me cry, waterproof mascara and light makeup is a must, especially on days like today. And because I need to vent, let me just tell you about some of it.
  1. Since yesterday I've been yuckily sick and because of that,
  2. I got almost no sleep last night.
  3. I woke up late this morning and had to skip breakfast.
  4. When I did leave my house (on time) I went to turn out of my driveway when I saw roadkill, which made me sad...
  5. Only it made me extra sad because it wasn't just an 'possum, but also her dead babies. Do you have any idea how cute baby possums are? But these babies weren't as cute because they were dead.
  6. The construction crew closed my road, without warning, so I had to turn around and go the back way to work...
  7. which made me late.
  8. Add on some personal stuff and you have my day.
But on the good side, my mom made me double chocolate brownies and I'm going to see Sex and the City 2 tomorrow with one of my really good friends. Despite today, it will be a good week : )

I hope you don't have an "ugh" day anytime soon... but when you do, I hope these tips help!

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  1. i'm sorry you had a crummy day :( take a road trip to PA and you'll feel better asap :) miss you!


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