16 March 2010

Trendy Tuesday: Chambray

Although when many think of chambray they automatically conjure up a crazy denim on denim ensemble like that of Justin and Brittany (see bottom), chambray can actually be worn in a very sophisticated and trendy way. With all of the options out there, possibilities are endless. Chambray can be purchased at in a variety of colors ranging from sky blue to deep navy. Various shades of grays are also popular for chambray. A fun thing about this fabric is that it can be worn as a shirt, dress, pants, skirt, or accessory and look amazing all ways. However, mixing denim and chambray is still pretty tough. When going for an all chambray look remember to use a variety of colors- not the same shade of blue- and add some bright accessories to break up the denim look.

What I Wore
Chambray Dress: Charlotte Russe
Flats: Old Navy
Belt: Vintage from my mom- She wanted me to make sure and let everyone know that she's still young, and the vintage items are from the 70's at their oldest :)
Necklace: The Body Shop

Where I Wore it:
Classes, a Women in Business board meeting, and a meeting with my advisor

How I Styled it:
I found this chambray dress for under $15 the other day (gotta love no sales tax!) Although this little shirt-dress came with a matching sash/belt, I opted to break it up a little with the vintage brown belt I "borrowed" from my mom : ) Since it was still pretty chilly this morning, I added these maroon tights and a cream cardigan. I finished the outfit off with these caramel cutout flats and a vintage-looking heart locket necklace. With some soft curls I felt very romantic/vintage/trendy. What a fun combination!

Why it Works:
Of all people, I am especially wary of the denim overload. That's why I chose this light chambray dress. I felt like its casual shape and light color gave off more of a girly feel and less of a crazy 90's feel. Although so far I've stuck to pairing my chambray with sweet, vintage, and girly items, I think I want to mix it up a little and try a denim shirt with some tough accents.

Where to get it:
Of course I’m always a vintage advocate- because trends almost always recycle themselves you can find just about anything at a decent thrift store. For newer versions, The Gap has some really great chambray shirts and dresses- but if you’re looking for something cheaper try Forever 21, H&M, or Charlotte Russe. You can always count on those stores to bring you the newest trends for cheap!

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  1. O man, I love these photos! Great choice of scenery, I wish I had some great places to shoot photos like this!


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