09 March 2010

Some blogging stuff

Im sorry I haven't posted the last few days- but I've been busy collaborating with my friend Sadie about fun new stuff for the blog.  She is a communication student with an extremely amazing talent for web design, and she is also working on lots of cool stuff for the site that I could only dream about.  We hope to get the new layout up shortly (It's super cute!) but until then I have some new ideas about ways to spice up the outfit pictures I normally post.  Here goes:

Trendy Tuesdays will show you all the latest trends and ways to incorporate them into your daily wardrobe without going crazy.  As a college student at a fairly small and conservative school I completely understand how hard it sometimes is to look trendy without standing out in an outrageous way (These are the times I wish I went to school in the city! haha)

Thursdays will be beauty days will I will try out different hairstyles/makeup/nail polishes/etc.  I love to experiment in all aspects of style- not just fashion, so this should be fun!

Fridays will feature fun finds- both retailers and boutiques that I love and also interesting and exciting bargain items (and maybe a few splurge items)

Every Saturday I will try to post a "going out" look- even though I don't always go out on the weekend, they're definitely fun to style : )

On Sundays I usually lounge around the dorms doing laundry and homework. For these days I will feature a look thats both comfy and cute. Also I would like to start doing tutorials on cooking, crafting, and sewing.

If there is anything else you would like to see more of (or perhaps less of) please let me know.

Let the fun begin!

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