25 March 2010

Business Professional... and Fun!

Skirt: Belk's
Belt: Came with skirt
Top: Target
Cardigan: Walmart
Shoes: Ross
Earrings Claire's

A Women in Business dinner lecture with Kerry Ford of Stern Advertising

As the Events Director for the Women in Business Club here on campus, I am expected to attend our sponsored lectures and events in business attire. Since these events are almost always a great way to network with professionals in the field, I usually try to dress professionally and creatively. I definitely do dress according to the event though- for example: I would generally stay more conservative at an accounting lecture than at a networking event with marketing professionals. Tonight's speaker is a distinguished career woman in the field of advertising and public relations. Since this is generally a more creative field, I definitely wanted to show of this new ruffle top I picked up off the clearance rack at Target. With a plain pencil skirt and cardigan, I felt right at home :)


  1. (Found you at Chicismo)

    Cute outfit. Really like your shoes (professional, but not boring). have you got hose on? Your legs can't look THAT good!?

  2. haha, yes- I do have on sheer hose. My legs get ghostly pale in the wintertime :(


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