01 October 2010

Oxfords and Hot Carmel Apple Cider

Dress: Ross, $7
Cardigan: Old Navy, $12
Belt: Vintage, My Mom's
Bracelets: Vintage, Rue 21, and My Mom's
Earrings: Claire's, $4
Oxfords: Urban Outfitters, $50

Classes, the Gristmill Coffeehouse, and to run errands around town

Today was one of those days- not the bad kind, the really really super good kind (with an exception or two, but hey, let's focus on the positive.) It started out with waking up to a super sweet text, then later in the day finding out I scored twenty points above the class average on my macroeconomics test, having a pretty easy day at work, having my very first hot carmel apple cider (amazing), and then towards the end of the day, when finally taking blog pictures, realizing how much I really liked my outfit. Funny, I feel like lately I haven't really been myself fashion wise. But today, everything just seemed to fall into place. Ok... so it wasn't an earth shattering good day, but I'll be thankful for what I get :)


  1. It sounds like a good day to me. carmel apple cider. I don't know what I like better. Your pictures or you outfit. I love the scenery in the pics, but pairing your shirt dress with oxfords is a nice touch.

  2. Aw thanks :)
    I'm so relieved to finally feel like myself again fashion wise!


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