06 October 2010

Rainy Day- Go Away

Trench: Kristin Davis for Belk, Gift
Dress: Old Navy, $3
Necklace: Forever 21, $6
Tights:, $10
Flats: Ross, $12

Today was one of those cold, drizzly, rainy, and just plain dull days. So for classes today I decided I wanted something a little more bright and fun...

My poor little rainboots must feel like I've abandoned them, haha. Seriously though, for the first while that I had them, the very prediction of rain was enough to send me scrambling to coordinate my outfit around those perfect boots. Although I still love them, I've decided I need to be a little better at mixing things up. So, today I decided to go with my zebra trench, bright purple dress, and pop of sparkle necklace. All-in-all I liked it pretty well

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