18 October 2010

I'm in a deep sort of mood...

disclaimer: This is a somewhat long post that (with the exception of pictures) has pretty much nothing to do with fashion ... My attempt at being deep and inspirational actually. If you have an extra second, I'd love for you to stick with me!

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Have you ever had one of those days that are just completely carefree and happy, and it just makes you SO happy to be alive? Haha, well that was my day today.

Without going into too much detail at the moment, a few months ago I was having somewhat of a hard time. I was depressed about classes not going as well as they normally do for me, I was upset about a long-term break-up, about my parent's pending divorce, about lost friendships, and to top it all off (among other things), my dog contracted a life threatening disease (another disclaimer, I'm one of those super mushy people whose pets are considered one of the family.) So, needless to say, it was a rough couple of months. I constantly saw happy people who seemed to "have it all." The perfect relationship, a close family, a huge circle of friends, and seemingly everything else that I thought I didn't have. I kept comparing my life to what I saw as theirs, and I would get sooo upset thinking about everything I had lost.

I put on a happy face and pretended that, as a strong person, none of these things bothered me. That I could handle anything thrown my way, with poise and confidence. I went to work, I smiled for blog pictures, I went through all the motions- but inside I couldn't help but feeling a constant sense of sadness.

Then one day as I was pitying myself, again, it just hit me- it didn't have to be that way. Sure, I had gone through ALOT, and I had the right to be sad for a small time... But when I looked at how much I was/am blessed to have, it suddenly seemed so much more manageable. I have a family that, despite now divided, loved me, great scholarships to a school I LOVE studying at, an internship with people I absolutely adored, a small, but close-knit group of friends who could make me smile with ridiculous antics at any time of day or night, etc. So, I made the decision to accept things that had happened to me, and to move. on.

Moving on is part of life. And to add a cheesy saying,

Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall into place.

Since opening myself up to happiness, I have been so blessed. Sure, some of those sad things from months back still linger... But when I start to let them get to me, I just have to stop and remind myself at all of the better things that HAVE fallen into place.


  1. Thank you! This is exactly what I needed today, along with a good cry and some time with Ben and Jerry, but life waits for no one! :)

  2. This may not be an outfit post but you look cute anyway!

    I love the way you put things. "Moving on is part of life." I'll be adding that to my list of things I tell myself when things get rough. I'm glad you've been able to see the good through the bad and I hope that your smiles continue to be ones of genuine happiness!

  3. @Sarah, gosh I know what that's like! I hope everything gets better and works out :)

    @Katie, thanks!


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