08 May 2011

Mother's Day

Top: Rue 21, $3
Skirt: Target, $15?
Wedges: TJ Maxx, $20
Owl Necklace: forever 21, gift

The past few years have been a little bit rough between me and my mom- as most teenage/college daughters can relate to.  But no matter what happened I know that she will always be there for me, which is such a huge blessing to have in my life.  Whether it's been a middle of the night shoulder to cry on from 500 miles away when family situations and a few choice people get to me, or as wise and surprisingly (lol) levelheaded advice about navigating through the dating world, my madre has always put her children first, no questions asked.  We're the first to know when things are going on with her life, and she literally cries of happiness when she's the one we come to with our lives.  

Even when she talks for long after I say, "Gotta go! Talk to you later," takes literally 10 minutes to take each picture for my blog, or asks me ten times too many if her wrinkles/fat(???)/age spots are noticeable (Mom, they never are.  You are absolutely beautiful)  I love her so much and would not change anything at all... ok, maybe it would be nice to up it to 2 or 3 pictures per 10 minutes ;)  

I know not everyone out there is as lucky as I am to have a wonderful mother;  and I hope everyone with amazing mothers realizes that too and is thankful for their moms- today and everyday!

P.S.  Mom, as of right now, Whiskey for my men; beer for my horses is on :)

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