01 June 2011

Chubby Cheeks

Dress: Old Navy, $15
Wedges: Old Navy, $12
Necklace: Urban Outfitters, $10

As you can probably tell, these pictures are from a few days after I got my wisdom teeth out.  Because I had some time sensitive things to get done at work, I headed back before I looked quite normal... and these are the more flattering pictures, if that tells you anything.  For some reason, Greg thought it would be a good idea to take some straight on, deer in the headlights meets chipmunk headshots.  Keepers?  I think not.  

On a more promising note, tomorrow I start my second internship- as a marketing assistant with Simon Malls!  I'll be doing social media marketing, events and promotions, and displays for 2 malls in Knoxville.  I'm SO excited, but a little bit nervous too.  I'll be sure to write about how everything goes :)


  1. I love how cute your dress coordinates so well with your sandals. Love it! Also, I love the tulip style of your dress.

  2. I hope everything is feeling much better! I have to get my second two out and I am such a chicken about it! I love your wedges!


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