28 June 2011

The Shirt that Grew

Top: Charlotte Russe, $4
Skirt: Francesca's, $30
Belt: Mom's
Cardigan: Charlotte Russe, $15
Sandals: Forever 21, $15
Watch: Thrifted, $2

Normally, clothing shrinks for me.  So when I wanted to buy a flowy white t-shirt, I got a Large so that I could be sure, shrinking and all, it would stay big.  What did it do?  It grew.  Seriously.  This thing is at least 2 sizes bigger than when I bought it.  The neckline has stretched so much, that the shirt now has what appears to be a lowcut back.  But to be honest, its just a reallllly big neck. 

As for the lack of posting this weekend- I lost my camera in my car.  Sign that the car needs to be cleaned?  ohhhh yes.  

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  1. your hair falls perfectly into that effortlessly chic side braid. jealous.

  2. I am absolutely obsessed with this outfit! I love long cardigans with skirts and belts. Soo stinkin cute!


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