10 June 2011

This is what happens when Greg goes out of town

 I honestly did not realize my belt was navy until I was in the fitting room at Gap- after I had gone a whole day thinking it was black...

Skirt: Target, $15
Top: Gap, hand-me-down
Wedges: Modcloth, $30
Belt: Mom's 
Watch: Thrifted, $2
Necklace: Swap with Ramsey

Two things you must do this weekend:
1. Go to Clinique in Dillards.  They are having a promotion that gives you free makeup samples if you let them do your makeup for free.  Recap: Free makeover+Free items and absolutely NO purchase necessary= a very happy me.  (While you're there, you should check out there shoe section- they're having that massive sale right. now.)  
2.  Go check out Gap.  I went in today and no lie- half the store was clearance.  Not only were there a ridiculous amount of super low cost items- it was an ADDITIONAL 40% off.  I got a dress, a pair of flare jeans, and three tops for... $50 TOTAL. Awesome? yep.

This is what happens when my boyfriend goes out of town for an entire month.  There's nobody to keep me in check with this whole shopping thing.  After all, what decent friend is going to say, "No.  You should not get that $4 top that fits you perfect and will go with everything."  
If you do know of anybody that actually would say that, please send them my way- I need them.... or not. 


  1. My boyfriend keeps my spending in check too! Those are great deals I totally wish I had a Gap near by I'd be all over that sale. Your outfit is really can't even tell the belt is navy!

  2. You can't mess with destiny! I {heart} Gap. A lot.

  3. That skirt/belt combo is so fantastic. I love this. Oh. And can I have your hair?

  4. I already hit up the GAP sale and it was epic for sure. I spent way too much money but got a lot of great stuff. Fortunately, my BF was there to keep me from going way overboard.

  5. AH! That happens to me too! If my hubby is gone for a weekend with the guys, I automatically think "shopping spree!" It's awful! You look pretty stinkin adorable though, love the coral color on you! :) :)


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