04 June 2011

Internship #2

Top: Forever 21 via swap with Ramsey
Shorts: Target, $7
Necklace: Forever 21, $5
Sandals: Target, $12

This post is a few days backlogged, so even though I'm writing about my internship today, I promise this is not what I actually wore to work!  

So just a recap, I work the first part of the week at the summer job/internship I had last year, and Thursday and Friday I work at my new job- as a marketing intern with Simon malls!  Back in February I made the decision that I really wanted to work in retail marketing this summer- even if it meant taking a low or no paying internship.  My career coordinator at school made a few phone calls and sent my resume off, and suddenly I had an offer from the two Simon malls in my hometown :)  

I never actually interviewed or met with the staff beforehand, so I was a little bit nervous for my first day.  Luckily, the whole staff is SO nice.  I get to work with both the Assistant Director and Director of Marketing.  Since they are Area positions, they work at both of the Knoxville Simon Malls.  I was kind of expecting to get assigned the least exciting jobs and tasks- but I was so far from wrong!  My first day they set me up with the entire social media suite- so if you follow Knoxville Center or West Town Mall on facebook or twitter, that's me!  I also get to help out with all of their mall events- including a back to school fashion show and Fashion Night Out!  

What are you all doing during the summer?  Any other fun jobs/internships?

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  1. I love the print on that top, and I've had my eyes on those sandals. Thinking of grabbing a pair for myself.

    As for summer plans? I'm actually going to be a part-time stay at home mom for the first time in my daughter's 3 years of life. Can't wait!


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