17 June 2011

Elephant Leg Pants (4 of 30)

Jeans: Old Navy, $4
Top: J. Crew, Thifted, $2
Belt: Mom's
Clutch: Thrifted, $2
Necklace: Mom's
Shoes: Forever 21, $15

I call these my elephant leg pants because the bottoms are seriously so large.  But who passes up $4 cute and comfy clothes?  Certainly not me.  My entire outfit cost barely over $20, and 3/4 of it was on these sandals.  I feel like I've been wearing some awesome bargains lately!  I was going to wear this outfit with a navy, red, and white printed headscarf and possibly red lipstick- but it came out so nautical in a costumey way, and what I was aiming for was definitely not costumey.  So I went with some brown and gold accents instead and liked the way it came out.

See this poor kid?  This is all he's been doing for over a month straight- I'm not kidding.  All day AND a large chunk of the night studying.  For what?  The DAT.  It's apparently this pretty hard test that determines whether or not all of those dentist wannabees get into dental school.  Greg wants to be an oral surgeon, so this test is pretty important to him.  It's important to me too, because as of Monday night I have my companion and photographer back!  Yay!  


  1. I have some pants like these and love them. Seriously they rock. And Greg looks like Robert Pattinson. Really. Have a nice weekend girl!

  2. those white pants are AWESOME! what a great deal!

    dash dot dotty

  3. I love this look. I'm kind of sucker for stripes this summer :)



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