06 June 2011

The Scarf and the Lawn Mower

Note: I'm not doing some sort of creepy wave, I was keeping my little hair wispies from blowing in my face, although it does look pretty awkward.  Same with the photo below...

Top: Charlotte Russe, $5
Shorts: Gap, $10
Sandals: Target, $12
Belt: NY & Co., $4
Scarf: Swap with Ramsey

Normally I wouldn't take pictures with my dad's new lawn mower- but seeing how close it's color was to the bright orange in my scarf, I just couldn't resist.  

I spent most of this weekend leading a retreat as part of my internship with 4-H.  The retreat was a service learning institute for high school 4-H'ers and was, in my opinion, a pretty big success.

Also, if you're interested in Tennessee 4-H, follow us on Twitter, facebook, and bloglovin!  

^^ Shameless intern plug 


  1. Love how casually chic you look! Also, I have those sandals and I LOVE them.

  2. so fill me in on this swap with ramsey! didja just send each other a box of random clothes? fill me in :)

  3. Love the lawnmower pictures. Also loving? your head scarves. I. am. addicted!

  4. Hi just found your blog from love ramsey and am now your newest follower. I LOVE fashion! Your outfit is super cute, I especially love your shoes!

  5. That shirt looks like the perfect slouchy white tee! And it goes so well with the scarf! I'm loving this outfit!


  6. Over here via Ramsey and you are adorable! Love the scarf and tee, I will have to try that combo:)


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